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The tech roles no-one is talking about.

Technical Leaders are Hard to Find

The driving force behind the success of any great tech company is its senior team. While assessing technical skill and coding prowess to find the best is relatively straightforward, assessing the "soft skills" of a business leader - their leadership and management qualities, communication and negotiation skills, are more difficult to measure. This is where we come in. 

From front line support to project management, customer service professionals and product demonstrators to pre-sales technical consultants - these roles are diverse, emerging constantly, and vary in title by business and category.

They are united by one thing - they possess a hard to find blend of Technical knowledge and soft skills - something Pareto Law specialises in finding and developing.

Specialist roles we recruit for:

  • Business Consultants
  • Heads of Professional Services
  • Post Sales Technical Consultants
  • Project Managers / Programme Managers
  • Operations Directors
Specialist roles we recruit for:

Our Winning

Tech Executive Recruitment Process

1Mapping Requirements

We make it our business to completely understand what you’re looking for in an executive candidate. From Managing Directors to IT Managers, we know it’s important to find the perfect fit for your company and its culture.

2Candidate Search

Using our vast network of 120,000+ senior professionals and a range of tools we track down the best possible candidates for your business.

3Quality & Assessment

We carry out a rigorous assessment of candidate skills and personality to make sure we only find the best fit for your business.

4Market Intelligence

During our search, we keep you constantly updated and provide you with market intelligence, including salary benchmarking. We know the commercial recruitment business better than anyone.

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Why use an executive recruiter?

Why use an executive recruiter?

After years of hiring senior sales professionals, CEOs, Managing Directors and other senior executives we’ve seen a growing demand among our clients, for senior roles in their technical divisions. With 1.64 million jobs in the tech sector in the UK alone, representing an annual turnover of £170bn, it’s no surprise that demand is growing. We know that the soft skills required for strong leadership and management can be hard to assess and this is why we offer Executive Technical Recruitment. 

As the tech industry continues to boom, there's going to be an increasing demand for a diverse range of specialised leaders and we can help you find yours. 

The growing technical spectrum

When anyone thinks about a tech company, what springs to mind is development; dozens of programmers, bent over multiple screens of code. What people don't realise is that more than half of jobs in tech aren't in development. Surrounding this team are the many roles required to communicate, package and sell the product and solutions developed. 

From the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technical Officer, to Customer Service Directors, Programme Managers and Sales and Technical Consultants, there are a myriad of senior and strategic roles vital to the success of any tech company. 

The growing technical spectrum

The Pareto Effect

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