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The tech industry is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the modern world. Ensuring you have knowledgeable, skilled salespeople to profit from this uplift in the tech industry is essential to success. So smash your tech sales targets and employ STEM graduates from Pareto.

Why use a Technical Sales Recruiter?


Combining in-depth IT and technical knowledge with customer-facing capabilities is a niche skillset, but key to progressing in this area of business. If you’re looking to upsell your tech offerings, or need more IT know-how in your sales team, then technical sales recruitment could be perfect for your company.

To help plug this gap in your business’ sales plan, we’ve created Pareto Tech. A unique IT and Technical recruitment solution that assesses and places high calibre graduates into technical sales jobs. We specifically source candidates with a strong technical background who possess superior interpersonal abilities. We then invest in training each person, focusing on communication and commercial skills to help them resolve issues with customers.

Pareto are the market-leading graduate recruitment and sales training company in the UK. We specialise in bringing our clients the very best sales talent and that puts us in an excellent position to source and provide technical graduates for customer facing sales roles. So if you’re an SME in a technical field, or have a well-established business needing additional resource for growth, look no further than us.

Our reputation for placing excellent candidates into exciting sales roles speaks volumes. We already receive 30,000 applications each year from graduates with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We can use this existing pool of talent to find the perfect candidate for a company looking for technical or IT salespeople, application consultants, customer support and many other customer-facing roles.

Our Expertise

Pareto Tech Expertise

We are specialists in two areas: commercial skills development and grad recruitment.
This means we are uniquely placed to find the very best IT-centric graduates for customer-facing sales roles.

30,000 applicants

More than 30,000 Pareto Tech Applications

Pareto already receives 30,000 Technical STEM graduate applications a year. This gives us an existing pool of talent to assess for our clients who are interested in IT recruitment.

Training included

Pareto Tech Training

Our UK Leading Commercial and Communication skills training business allows us to develop the client skills of every Tech candidate with 4 training courses. 

Track record

To date we have placed over one hundred STEM graduates with tech giant Oracle and continue to work with them on their graduate recruitment goals. 

Pareto matched me to some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the industry. It’s great for me to be able to learn from the experts. David Raspin, Applications Consultant, Oracle
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How the technical sales recruitment process works

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    Over the years we’ve placed ourselves right at the heart of the graduate sales recruitment industry. As such, we receive more than 360,000 applicants from graduates looking to join the Pareto recruitment process every year.

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    Our specially trained team works through all of the CV’s we receive to identify suitable grads with STEM degrees. From there we’ll perform an initial telephone interview to find out who has the potential to get through to the next level of the technical sales recruitment process.

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    We then utilise our specialist team of technical recruitment specialists to assess each delegate against a list of core competencies. This will identify the candidates with the skills and sales acumen to excel in the future.

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    We filter the candidates down to the very best STEM sales graduates. We cross-reference their technical backgrounds against your requirements and hand pick two or three potentials for each position. You then carry out final interviews to select your choice of the candidates.

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    Commercial Training

    We’re committed to bringing you excellence and that means providing your graduate with the tools they need to work within a commercial environment. We give every placed graduate 128 hours of training to help them excel within your company.

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