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A short term sales recruitment solution to overcome your challenges

Sales Outsourcing : Short Term Contracts

When you need to run business as normal but can’t make the commitment to hiring long-term staff due to a lack of budget, or are restricted by headcount, our 6 month SaaS (Sales as a Service) or TaaS (Tech as a Service) models can provide the answers.

You benefit from the very best Pareto Law sales and/or technical graduates within your business managed by you, only for you, fully assessed and trained in the fundamentals so that they’re ready to hit the ground running. With further courses to follow during this placement period. You get the very best staff you need, when you need them, in a cost-effective, flexible way.


The fundamental difference is, we bring you a delivery model that is centrally managed from start to finish by us. With reduced risk and costs by sales outsourcing assessment, hiring, training, payroll, expense management, and all other HR matters. After the 6 months you can either terminate the engagement, employ your graduate at a 10% headcount transfer fee or keep them on our headcount by rolling them onto another contract. Whether you're looking for one hire or a new team of ten, we're ready to step in and help.

Why our clients use Sales as a Service

Sales Outsourcing Stats


Our clients end up taking on 75% of our outsourced talent


Over 1,700 UK businesses take advantage of our sales outsourcing


Over 4.75m people in the UK work as contractors in their profession

Why use Pareto Law for Sales as a Service or Tech as a Service?


SaaS or TaaS puts you back in control of your sales and technical competence without adding to your headcount, but with the flexibility to take your graduate on as permanent staff, or give notice to end the contract at any time, depending on your own circumstances.


How often do you get the opportunity to try before you buy? After 6 months, you’ve got three options. One - roll your hire over onto another contract. Two - hire and take them onto your headcount. Three - part ways with the employee. It really couldn’t be simpler.


The Pareto Effect means you get the top 20% that makes 80% of the difference, no matter what your business needs.

Our short term sales as a service can help you

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