Learner Success Stories

What our learners say about apprenticeships

If you needed any more convincing on the value of our Apprenticeships and the quality of our provision, take a look at our success stories.

Whether you’re an employer looking to shake up your training, or an individual considering what an Apprenticeship may hold for you, the following testimonials are useful indicators on just how an Apprenticeship course works. 

A combination of the currently enrolled and those that have completed their course, we’ve captured the views of candidates at different stages of the learner journey. From those just starting out in their careers, to experienced managers that have enrolled in an Apprenticeship, all are included in the range of views that we’ve collected. The varying levels of learner experience is testament to the versatility of the Apprenticeship.

From their initial perception of the programme, through to their experiences of it, its influence on their career and on their professional trajectory; our case studies are replete with our learner’s insights. They really illustrate the value-add of the Apprenticeship as a qualification – for both the learner and their company.

Hear from those that have been there and done it. There really is no better way to get the measure of the Apprenticeship format.

Learner Feedback

"Across the last 24 months, I have achieved a level of understanding with Curtis, which I hope all other educators and students can achieve. Within such a short space of time, Curtis has been always open, always honest and extremely supportive. He has maintained a level of eloquence one can only dream of. 

After losing my job, Curtis was quick to reassure me, both in what the world has to offer and what my potential is. I truly believe that Curtis has helped cement my future career and what I hope to achieve in the future. I have shared goals with Curtis, shared problems with him, above all, we have shared a fairly decent number of laughs.

 It would be an honour to recommend Pareto to future prospects, and I will be keen to demonstrate how well the support structure is and has been to me. 

Nonetheless, the hard work remains on Curtis Reeves shoulders, I can only dream of being as resilient and reliable as him one day."

- Jaker Ahmed

“I am on the Level 4 Sales Executive Course and my Skills Coach is Agnieszka. Aggie as part of my coaching taught me the importance of Time Management and explained to me such principles as the Eisenhower Matrix and how to use colour coding to prioritise emails. This has helped me immensely in my day to day Sales role but not just myself but also my daughter who is also on an apprenticeship with her workplace. My daughter was working on a project where she had to explain how she could improve her Time Management. I explained to her what I had learnt and showed her the Eisenhower Matrix and my emails and she included this in her project. She passed it with a Distinction. The information I shared with her was only the result of what I had been taught by Aggie on my course”.

- Paul Newman


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