Lockdown Learning

Home study to ensure continuous learning.

2020 offered fresh perspective for many, with isolation affording people the opportunity to assess the choices they have made throughout their careers. Those in their early careers, school leavers and seasoned professionals were all given pause for thought as to what followed in their professional lives.

During lockdown, we spent the time re-assessing too – namely how our sales apprenticeships training, and its method of delivery, works. As a leading Sales Apprenticeships Provider we understand the importance of catering for our learners. We shape our offering according to the dictates of the prevailing national climate. One seriously disrupted by 2020.

In truth, we had already started adapting our training and e-learning modules connected with our sales apprenticeship training before 2020. The year caused an acceleration and expansion of our efforts to move to Virtual. To ensure our clients and learners had full access through lockdown, everything connected with our sales apprenticeships training became virtual in setting.

From our virtual 1-2-1 Skills Coach sessions, through functional skills support and time with our dedicated Sales Training Specialists, we’ve transmuted everything – allowing you the easiest, remote access to our Programmes on the market today. It’s something we’ve carried forward – an extra feather in our cap for you to consider when partnering with Pareto Law.

Covid-19 presented a great opportunity for employees furloughed to engage in learning whilst at home. The majority of our learners effectively developed their theoretical understanding of their job role, sector and business, so that when they do go back to work they will be returning with the new skills and knowledge that they have acquired and can then concentrate on putting these to use by helping to drive the business forward.

In addition, working towards their qualification and continuing to learn has helped employees to remain engaged and motivated. It also helps to look after people’s mental health during self-isolation, by continuing in learning this enabled Pareto Law to keep in touch with apprentices, providing additional support alongside the support they are receiving from their employer.

Apprentices are our future skilled workers and leaders!


Our Lockdown Learning Stats

  • 420


    We've had 420 learners booked onto our virtual training courses.

  • 57

    Virtual Courses

    We've delivered 57 virtual courses to learners during lockdown.

  • 100

    Trainer Knowledge Satisfaction

    100% of our apprentices rated the trainer's knowledge as Good/Excellent.


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