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Travis Perkins

When we decided to launch Sales Apprenticeships across our Organisation we wanted to look for a supplier that was experienced in delivering effective sales training into Organisations, with a proven track record in returning value through training. 

We decided to work with Pareto for our Sales Apprenticeships, while Apprenticeships are quite a new venture for Pareto we have found the process simple and collaborative.  Our learners are really enjoying the training and it is already having an impact on the way they approach their portfolios.

Louise Powell Head of Education and Learning
Louise Powell - Head of Education and Learning

Client Stories

Daisy Communications

We've worked with Daisy Communications to deliver our Operations Manager Level 5 Training to a selection of their team. 

This is a particularly demanding training programme which focuses on key skills such as operational management models and approaches, setting of KPIs, use of business development tools, resource management, contingency planning, financial forecasting, conflict management and negotiation skills and much more. 


We have worked with Natilik to deliver both our ITTSA (IT and Technical Sales Level 3) and our Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship training. 

Both of these apprenticeships focus on nurturing learners to effectively train them with the very best selling techniques to facilitate their continued long-term success in role. 

Edmundson Electrical

Edmundson Electrical

Pareto delivered the training for apprentices on the Sales Executive Level 4 to improve abilities in key areas such as customer understanding, product knowledge, market and competitor insight, organisational skills, rapport building, negotiation and presentation skills development and more. 

Insight UK

It was incredible - slick, fine-tuned and professional, with the calibre of candidates. Outstanding!

Gill Swain HR Director
Gill Swain - HR Director

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Only approved Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (ROATP) are qualified to train this more diverse range of apprentices. As the UK market leader in sales training, we were one of the first to be selected to provide exciting, dynamic programmes to ensure quality training for the apprentices we work with. 

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