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Why choose Pareto?

If you’re looking to begin your career with us, the Pareto Effect means access to some of the leading B2B organisations across the UK and abroad. With 600 jobs advertised every month you can be sure you’re getting one of the best sales recruitment agencies in the country.

At Pareto we have more than 20 years of experience as a sales recruitment agency, so if you’re hiring with us you know we’ll be bringing you that sales superstar, carefully chosen from the 276,000 applications we receive every year.

As well as recruiting, we’re also a specialised sales training company. Our courses provide new recruits with 128 hours of assessment and training completely free. So whether you’re an employer or a graduate recruit, you can hit the ground running in your new venture.

When you bring the Pareto Effect to your sales team, you get the measurable impact of employing the top 20% of individuals who make 80% of the difference. This tried and tested method, along with sales training delivered by our in-house team of experts, has seen tangible ROI across all of our clients. Companies have seen incredible results and impressive figures, including a 42% increase in new business across Europe. The Pareto Effect isn’t just a philosophy; it delivers real results that will drive your sales team to success.

And it’s only available from the UK’s biggest and most successful sales recruitment agency, training provider and enhancement company. 

  • Sales Training

    Sales Training

    Bringing you market-leading sales training courses for individuals, SMEs and large multinational companies. Re-writing the future of your sales team with our specialist training.

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  • Sales Recruitment

    Sales Recruitment

    As the UK's leading sales recruitment agency, Pareto are dedicated to bringing you that top 20% of the sales team who will deliver 80% of the difference, no matter what your business needs.

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  • Refer a friend

    Refer a friend

    Do you have a friend who’s looking for a new job? If so, why not be rewarded for it?

    All successfully placed referrals receive a £75 reward to say thank you.

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