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Extract the highest quality out of your leads by examining sources & data.

Source Quality

The fundamentals of lead generation remain the same but measurable data means performance can be tracked, examined and improved. Read on to discover:

  • How to identify worthwhile sources
  • The value of analysis
  • How to optimise your ROI

Methods to get your message across include telephone, email, content writing, media & social sharing.

Pareto Effect

We set a target of reaching decision makers with


of our calls.

We get a meeting from about


of these conversations.

Pareto Effect

The best time to generate leads from email is between 8:00am and 3:00pm (

Ensure your lead numbers are right and they are dealt with them in relevant time.

Lead Volume

Pure volume is not always the best solution. Managing the number and distribution of your leads is important to extracting the most value from them. Learn how to:

  • Consider quality and quantity effectively
  • Make your lead volume manageable
  • Improve generation efficiency

Controlling the flow of leads grants salespeople the time they need to handle potential customers. Without due diligence, even the best will let deals escape them. Efficient teams hold some leads back until the time is right for both parties.

Pareto Lead Generation Pareto Lead Generation

Make sure you know your limits and don’t generate too many leads. Too high a volume can cause a bottleneck effect and result in missed sales.


Maintaining a comfortable lead volume is best for your people, your business and your prospects.

Use the available tools to track down, research and contact decision makers.

Decision Makers

Finding the details of decision makers and getting through to them is vital to the sales process. Speaking to the right people makes a difference, so read on to find out:

  • What constitutes a decision maker
  • How to exploit social media
  • The value of business mapping

If you take the time to uncover details and connections before approaching a decision maker or influencer with your product, you will be better equipped to convert them.

Pareto Key Decision Makers

Find decision makers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and find out who they know. You may be surprised!

Going to the top of the tree isn’t a fail-safe method, prior research into company structure will pay off.

Enforce clear criteria so generation campaigns don’t result in poor leads.

Business Targeting

Every business has unique complexities. The number of people, turnover and offering should all influence the decisions of your lead generation. See how you can:

  • Establish a framework
  • Categorise targeted businesses
  • Ensure quality leads

When sales people are generating leads, they need to ask a series of questions to determine the value of the target. Without an idea of size, turnover and financial history, a lead cannot be categorised or dealt with efficiently. The answers and the tools to find them are both out there, are you using them?

Pareto Business Targeting Strategies

Use social media and the internet to see which companies are expanding, investing or have new management structures.

Review your current areas of business & identify fresh opportunities.

Location Targeting

Whether international or local in scale, your location matters. Getting the most from your resources means utilising this and exploring the following actions:

  • Mapping your existing business
  • Filling gaps
  • Moving past saturation

If you have always focused close to home, you may be missing out on prospects you could easily fulfil. Don't let your location restrict your revenue, explore new territories and invest in your sales team.

Mind the Gaps - Map your offices, clients and prospects to find any gaps in your lead generation.

Mind the Gaps

Your best locations may be saturated, so don't shy away from potential expansion.

Are your larger clients close to your offices? If so, you may need to explore new opportunities.

Qualify industries to locate new selling possibilities and brean new ground.

Industry Targeting

Determining if you can help a business is central to sales, but breaking into an industry will mean you’re never short of targets. You can do this by:

  • Studying core & emerging industries
  • Spotting market trends
  • Correlating sector activity

Analyse, analyse and analyse some more. Knowing relevant markets and spotting opportunities requires a real understanding of your offering and of specific industry requirements. Regular reviews will open up an array of options and an insight into when different industries look to buy.

Pareto | Industry Targeting

Don't miss out. Know your industries and their key purchase times. Make sure that lead generation happens during peak periods.

Embrace these channels to give your sales team a common ground with prospects.

Media & Social

Prospect information is out there. Finding it and harnessing the full capabilities of social sites is increasingly important. Discover how you can:

  • Set up alerts on news sites
  • Get the most from social networks
  • Give your people the information they need

Leads can be identified, researched and communicated with through various media sources and social networks. Salespeople should take any information they can find on businesses, their decision makers and activities then use this to their advantage.

Pareto Media and Social

Give your sales people the information they require by utilising media & social.

By monitoring social media and the press you can gain an insight into the lives of key influencers.

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