Executive Sales Recruitment Process

High flying sales professionals. And how you could land one.

When you need experienced sales talent at the top of your business, our executive recruitment process will find your perfect match.

Our two decades of experience working in the sales industry means we are uniquely positioned to bring you the very best in executive-level sales talent, sourcing and placing experienced sales people when you need them most. Our executive recruitment process will take you through from head-hunting your perfect candidate to interview, placement and beyond, supporting your business in the recruitment journey to find the right candidate for you. Trust in the Pareto Effect when considering high-flying sales talent for your business. 

The Pareto Executive Process:

Taking your business on the journey to recruit the right sales talent.


At Pareto, understanding your business is our business.
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We map out the very best sales candidates in your industry and market.
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Qualify and Screen

When recruiting experienced sales talent, it’s all the more important to be sure you’ve got the right fit.
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Executive Assessment

Top talent calls for a top filtration process.
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Adding another dimension to the executive sales recruitment process: the Pareto Alumni service.
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Background: Understanding your business is our business

We appreciate that a successful sales team requires different skills across a number of levels. So when you’re looking for executive-level talent and experience, you need a solution that is tailored to your business. Our executive recruitment analysis will ensure we provide the right executive sales talent for you, delivering sales professionals at the top of their game. No matter what your needs.

At Pareto, we are results-focused. Therefore we look to deliver solutions unique to your needs and your business, aligning the candidates we source, assess and place to your business objectives. We invest time in understanding your industry and the challenges you face, undertaking an executive recruitment analysis to look at your sales team structure and the skills needed in your sales executives. We work in partnership with you to determine job specifications, salary and requirements, building the full picture. Then, we begin sourcing the right executive sales professionals for you.

Search: Mapping out the very best sales talent

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for in your new sales recruit, the executive talent search begins. We set out to map both passive and active markets in order to seek out the very best talent. We believe that at executive level, you need to be proactive. We don’t simply advertise and wait for the perfect fit to come to us: we use a number of channels to make sure we leave no stone unturned, head-hunting those senior sales professionals from aligned and relevant businesses to ensure we meet your needs.

With two decades of experience in the sales recruitment industry, our network of experienced sales professionals is second to none. Our reputation as market-leaders sees dozens of the very best sales people in the UK contacting us every week looking to make the move up the sales career ladder. We attract 30 or more Pareto-quality candidates monthly. Our Pareto ‘alumni’ candidates, previously assessed, placed and trained by us, add an additional dimension to the executive search and sales recruitment process.

We aren’t your standard executive recruitment agency. Our results-focused approach ensures we deliver a cost-effective recruitment solution to your timescales. We ensure all candidates are handled with the upmost professionalism, whatever the outcome of their application, protecting the reputation of your business throughout. We offer continual support from executive recruitment marketing right through to negotiating offers and agreeing start dates. With regular update reports of our progress during the process.

Qualify & Screen: Executive Screening

When you’re recruiting experienced or executive level sales talent, it’s all the more important to be sure you’ve got the right fit. So once we’ve identified the best sales talent for your business, we take each candidate through a rigorous sales executive screening process. We will conduct a full competency-based interview of each individual, using the skills and requirements for your unique business and industry. We look for those people who fit the Pareto mould: hungry, motivated and driven candidates, just with the relevant sales experience. Then, we provide you with a qualified shortlist to review.

Our stringent processes save you time, money and effort, meaning you don’t end up inundated with endless CVs to read or interviewing irrelevant candidates. What’s more, our ability to find the very best executive sales talent in the market means we deliver a high interview to placement ratio of 4:1.

Executive Assessment: Filtering out the best

When it comes to finding the very best sales talent for your business, we believe in taking the executive assessment process to the next level. When you need specific skills, tailored experience and demonstrable sales acumen, the traditional interview often doesn’t go far enough. Top talent requires a top filter process.

That’s why we bring our graduate assessment process to executive level, giving you a unique and robust model for determining the value of your future sales leaders. We invite your prospective candidates to a tailored executive assessment centre, putting them through their paces while giving you the opportunity to see your talent in practice before you bring them on board. We use a range of methods to truly test those competencies your business needs. From negotiation exercises to psychometrics, presentations and one-on-one interviews, we take every step necessary to find that top 20% for your business.

We tailor assessment to your requirements; you see your prospective candidates perform the skills required. With the opportunity to spend both formal and informal time with candidates on the day.

Pareto Alumni: An exclusive sales executive network

Our experience placing top sales candidates at the foundation of their careers and supporting them as they continue to progress has paved the way for the Pareto Alumni service: our exclusive sales network.

Over the past two decades, we have built a solid network of Pareto graduates and sales professionals from across a vast range of industries. All previously assessed, placed and trained by us. We use social networks, LinkedIn, email and events to network and communicate with our previously placed graduates.

For those who move on outside our client pool, we can head-hunt, approach and interview those with the skills and experience we know will match your requirements.  All our sales Alumni candidates are Pareto assessed and trained, motivated and hungry for success in their industry.

The Pareto Effect: bringing you the greatest range of candidates in the sales marketplace. 

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The Pareto Effect

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