Our unique process goes beyond the CV.

Each candidate that comes through our sales recruiting process benefits from 128 hours of assessment, development and training compared to just 1.5 hours with a standard recruitment agency.

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1.5 Hours

Michael Lynskey, 
Sales Force Effectiveness Manager at Johnson & Johnson


"Two of the Pareto graduates went on to be awarded ‘Newcomer of the Year’ just months after joining.”

Why should Pareto be your sales recruitment agency?

As specialists in the field of sales development and recruitment, we know the difference an injection of talent can make to your business. Since our inception in 1995 we’ve placed over 15,000 salespeople, finding the top 20% who’ve excelled through our comprehensive screening and assessment process.

Our flexibility and diversity is what makes us unique. Whether you're looking to recruit a single individual or you need entire sales team recruitment drive, we can provide both. If you’re in search of entry-level talent or senior professionals, at Pareto we can deliver the very best straight to you. Perhaps your company requires language speakers to pioneer international growth? Whatever you need we have the experience in sourcing and assessing top-end sales professionals around the globe.

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Through our unique process we identify those with the personality, confidence and aptitude for selling, taking each candidate through up to 128 hours of assessment and training.

Not only do we have experience finding promising graduates that can be moulded into your organisation, but through our executive recruitment division we also discover talented and experienced professionals, placing them in sales-related roles in any company.

From business development to account management and other sales-related roles, we receive 276,000 graduate applications a year, giving us a wide scope of highly ambitious graduates to assess and place for our clients. Over the past 20 years, we’ve hand-picked those who have gone onto become team leaders, sales managers and directors.

We host over 20 candidate assessment days a month throughout our national offices or on-site at our clients premises, ensuring that we have a large supply of fresh talent waiting to rejuvenate your sales team. 

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Flexible recruitment solutions

As there’s no set framework for recruiting for every business, we’ve devised a series of solutions to meet your individual needs. From flexible contracts to various fee options and our unique 'sales as a service' outsourcing model, we’ve got the extensive portfolio to support your needs.

After an initial consultation, we’ll recommend a relative-recruiting strategy for your business, working in partnership with you to achieve the best results. Designed to save you the time, money and resources it can take to attract the perfect candidate, our flexible contracts will allow you to either capitalise on a short term opportunity, or find that crucial long-term hire that can help turn your business around. We tailor our approach to your industry, the amount of candidates you need and any specific requirements you may have.

As part of the flexible contracts that we offer, our fixed fee option will provide you with a guaranteed rate, leaving you safe with the knowledge that there are no hidden costs.  We understand how hard it is to let go of that superstar recruit, so if you change your mind about your short-term hire, we’re flexible in our contract lengths. 

If you’re ready to let us find the exciting new talent for your sales team, click here to learn more about Pareto sales outsourcing.

Sales team solutions

With 34 different languages sourced and placed last year across the UK, Europe, US, Australia and Asia, we have a track record in supplying high-quality candidates globally, fulfilling any of your language or personal requirements. At Pareto, no job is too big and we have the expertise and network to source sales recruits of the highest calibre.

When you trust us to make any addition to your sales team, we make a commitment to monitor their continual development within your business. With more than 2000 telephone interviews conducted daily and specialised teams located throughout the UK and within our New York office, we have the skill, experience and capacity to deliver the results you're looking for.

276k graduate sales job applications per year

20 graduate assessment centres ran every month

Worldwide recruitment in Europe, Asia and Middle East

2000 telephone interviews conducted every day

Rapid long term

After experiencing our sales team recruitment process, it’s no surprise companies repeatedly turn to us to provide for them with a first class sales force.

At Pareto you will be assigned your own account manager who will really understand what you need to gain from your sales recruitment agency. After assessing your requirements your account manager will explore the talent pool we have accumulated and match the most promising and suitable individuals to your business.

We are consistently adding to our network of excellent salespeople, to supply you with the top 20% in as little as three weeks. When recruiting for you, we always look for those who have the potential to become future sales leaders.

Why we are different

By understanding the current functions of your internal departments, we make sure that we’re fully equipped to go out and deliver you the best fresh talent. We’ll look at what makes you unique, and communicate your needs to prospective candidates.

For every position you need filling we’ll find three or more graduates or sales executives, hand-picking those that possess that passion and vigour for sales and success.

As part of our services we’ll not only find you top candidates who want to excel in your organisation, but we’ll provide up to 15 days of training and development for 12-18 months.  At Pareto we invest an average of 128 hours into each graduate candidate, in comparison to just 1.5 hours of invested time from standard recruitment agencies.

You can also trust that your latest recruits will learn and develop rapidly, after receiving our advanced ISMM-endorsed sales training. Teaching them the fundamentals through to the more advanced sales techniques, your newest members can apply their skills straight from when their employment with you commences. 

Sales Outsourcing

If you have an immediate need to increase your sales but don’t think you can afford the risk of additional fixed overheads, our sales outsourcing module is perfect for you. A hassle-free way to expand your team, your outsourced staff will be fully trained by our sales experts and ready to hit the ground running in your business.

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