Key areas addressed by the Professional Selling Skills course

Who should attend?

The professional selling skills training course takes the art and practice of selling to the next level. Designed to sharpen selling skills for selling both face to face and over the phone, the course is suitable for sales professionals with some experience in the industry looking to enhance their skill set, and build confidence in areas such as handling objections, questioning effectively and successfully listening to identify client’s needs.

Course reviews

  • Always have a great time at Pareto training and feel pumped to get back in the office and put the learning into practice. (10-11 March 2016)

    5 /5 from Emma, London

    An excellent 2 day event that highlights the essential basics that are required to win the deal - Just leaves you re-energised and hungry to get back in front of prospects. (23-24 Feb 2016)

    5 /5 from Anonymous, Manchester

  • Perfect atmosphere for learning - Pareto met all my expectations. (4-5 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Tim, London

    The trainer provided a great insight into this sales topic. It was a very thorough course. (4-5 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Adam, London

  • Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff that seriously understand the areas of sales and its industry (10th - 11th June 2014)

    4 /5 from Stuart, Wilmslow

    The trainers were brilliant, real motivators. It’s great knowing you are being taught by the best! (14th - 15th May 2014)

    5 /5 from Daniel, Wilmslow

  • Trainer was excellent, good pace and would recommend for future groups (28th - 29th April 2014)

    4 /5 from Mark, Wilmslow

    I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. I feel that now I can go out and sell confidently (27th - 28th March 2014)

    4 /5 from Dominic, London

  • Very positive experience, very laid back and relaxed but with an educational feel (17th - 18th February 2014)

    4 /5 from Reece, London

    Pareto is what makes the difference between a good sales person and a sales professional. (3rd - 4th September 2013)

    5 /5 from Shaina McAndrews, Chiswick

  • Great course, good pace, good trainer. Value will be added once i am back in the office! (1st - 2nd August 2013)

    4 /5 from Mehdi, Wilmslow

    Debbie was an extremely good trainer. Listened to my questions/issues and i feel this has helped me develop my confidence even more. She was thorough with every aspect and ensured i understood before moving on. Very impressed. (1st - 2nd August 2013)

    5 /5 from Stephanie, Wilmslow

  • “Fantastic course – really enjoyed it. Really hoping it will allow me to progress with my role” (14th- 15th March)

    4 /5 from Daniel Haggett, Wilmslow

    “It was great to get in depth ideas about how to build my successful sales character” (14th-15th March)

    4 /5 from Ashley Evans, Wilmslow

  • “Gives you skills for sales careers in the very beginning. A good platform for any new starter” (14th- 15th March)

    4 /5 from Bianca Ward, Wilmslow

    “Interesting and made sure everyone felt comfortable with getting involved” (15th-16th April)

    4 /5 from Danielle James, Wilmslow

  • “Great course which furthered my understanding of sales in a face to face environment” (2nd-3rd April)

    4 /5 from Matthew Pipe, Wilmslow

    “Positive experience, good to refresh selling techniques” (2nd-3rd April)

    4 /5 from Ryan Steed, Wilmslow

  • “Good detail to improve my day to day working strategy” (2nd-3rd April 2013)

    4 /5 from Tom Bane, Location: Wilmslow

    Lynda was a fantastic trainer. She altered the content to fit our needs and paced the training course exceptionally well. (9th-10th April 2013)

    5 /5 from Dale Jones, Wilmslow

Key outcomes from the course

    By the end of this training course, your delegates will:
    • Practice a consultative, solution-based approach to selling
    • Exercise enhanced influence and control over the sales cycle
    • Deliver increased ROI through greater understanding of the customer buying journey
    • Question, qualify and develop the client need
    • Demonstrate increased confidence and success in overcoming objections as part of the sales process
    • Gain more commitments in less time, increasing revenue and return

Training approach

Delivered over two days, the Professional Selling Skills course builds upon workbook learning. This is done through the use of role plays and interactive sessions, including active discussion and debate across the two days, and a range of exercises to test the learned knowledge of all delegates.

Overall rating for this course

4 / 5. Overall course rating based on 20 reviews

Key areas addressed by this course

Modules covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

    • Planning Your Approach: Setting objectives and a selling style
    • Building a Relationship: A foundation for long-term selling success
    • Expectations and Objectives: Where you want to go, and how to get there
    • Needs and Problems: Probing to identify and qualify opportunity
    • Options: Providing the best possible solution
    • Objections: Handing knockbacks in the selling process
    • Obtaining Commitment: Agreeing a solution and closing

Course testimonials

  • I have learned a great deal of skills I can implement with colleagues and clients. I think it will make a positive impact.

    5/5 from Jonathan, Medela UK

    The Pareto way of selling has seen our business grow by £1.4m. SSC are living proof that Pareto delivers.

    5/5 from Andy, SSC Laser Cutting

  • Delivered professionally, pace good, excellent interaction opportunity.

    5/5 from Colin, Aggregate Industries

    This training and these results have taught us how we can save AT LEAST half a day a week calling and spend that time selling… what a ROI!

    5/5 from Chris, DSV

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