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Is Archer the Key to Ashes Success?


Sunday’s draw marked the end of the 2nd test of what is the 71st Ashes Test Series - the oldest rivalry in cricket. Out of the 70 Test series so far, Australia has won 33 and England 32 (with 5 draws).


Jofra Archer has come in to change the dynamic of play.  

Archer’s debut in The Ashes gave England the lift they desperately needed after the first test loss, showing us all the impact real pace bowling can have on the game. Archer bowled 44 overs in the match and proved himself to be a complete game-changer for the England side - bringing The Ashes back to life.


Archer helped England bounce back from defeat, bowling with a ferocious and unstoppable attitude to begin to change the dynamic of the game completely.  


Has coming into the second test fresh from a victory at the world cup helped Archer to lift the game?


The England World Cup team put on an incredible final performance on the 14th July to gain victory for the very first time since the World cup began in 1975.


Archer, after impressing in the one-day game against Ireland, was spotted for his huge potential and fast-tracked into the World Cup Side. He ultimately became integral to the victory, even setting a new England World Cup record by claiming his 17th scalp during the final.


Will he have the same impact on the Ashes in the 3rd test?


The Ashes may well pose a multitude of different challenges in the style of play, with the change in format and different pressures involved, but Archer’s introduction to the test side could inspire a shift in direction before the next test. 


Root said: “He makes things happen when not many others in world cricket can. It is an exciting prospect going into the rest of the series.”


What can Root take from the success of the World Cup in general?

Meticulous training and precision were paramount for the World Cup team. The 4-year intensive training plan the World Cup team underwent with Andrew Strauss, the director of the men’s cricket team, ensured that no detail was overlooked. He made some incredible, innovative marginal gains through his strategic training plan.


Strauss and Morgan's leadership styles created a culture for success for the World Cup team. Strauss encouraged the team to seek out the opportunity to be innovative and get the competitive edge in every way they could. Ultimately, his resolute commitment to training and upskilling weakness and pushing for perfection from his players paid off and secured England the trophy.


Great leaders allow talent to flourish.


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Our Director of training, Helen Boothby says: “As a leader, you can have such a positive impact on peoples' careers. You really can grow your business performance by working on growing your people”.


Paying close attention to detail and inspiring confidence and belief in your team, whether this is your cricket team or your sales team, can reduce limiting belief. Growing your own team is fundamental for business success, increased revenue and profitability.


Root has clearly seen the potential in Archer, saying “He makes things happen with such a unique action and natural pace, which is always in the game on any surface. That with the skill of the others, makes for a tasty combo.”


Archer’s new injection of energy and his aggressive style of play might just be the key to success that the England side needs to secure a victory in the 3rd test.


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