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Apprentice Recruitment with Pareto

With over 25 years of experience assessing, placing and training diverse people, we understand the challenges business face when it comes to hiring, upskilling and retaining top talent. 

From overcoming skills shortages within your organisation to the need to grow diverse teams and retain top talent, our apprenticeship courses can be the solution to solve these pain points and help empower your business to reach new heights.

Apprenticeships have long been associated with young people learning a trade in a limited industry area. In reality, professional apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 and operate in a wide range of dynamic, forward-thinking industries.

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When you partner with Pareto, we can help you find an apprentice with the passion for helping drive change for your business, regardless of your industry. Additionally, if you have an existing employee you feel has the potential to be upskilled, our apprenticeship courses help realise that potential. 

We are focused on excellence and aim to elevate apprenticeships to the highest possible levels of attainment. Our developing partnerships with various apprenticeships employers are key to achieving this ambition. We aim to ensure every learner has the opportunity to work, learn and realise their potential in a safe and supportive environment.

Why Recruit an Apprentice With Pareto

With over two decades of experience providing exceptional training, we are at the forefront of excellence. As a result, we are perfectly positioned to work within a wide range of innovative and dynamic apprenticeship training programmes across any industry and location. 

Access to highly skilled and talented workers

We know what great potential looks like, so we understand that by investing in apprenticeship courses, you'll introduce highly skilled and talented workers to your company. Additionally, when you recruit an apprentice, you will see a more fulfilled and inspired workforce, your ROI could be significantly increased, and you will boost the cost-effectiveness of your company's bottom line.

Tailored to your needs

Our apprenticeship courses can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and your apprentice. We can deliver face-to-face or remote online apprenticeship training, whatever works best for you. Due to our flexibility, we can provide our apprenticeship programmes to any business, industry, anywhere in the world. Regardless of your situation, we provide dedicated training and support for our clients and their employees.

Combining theory and practice

Unlike other training programmes, our apprenticeship courses include a mix of on-the-job and classroom learning. This combination of training allows apprentices to gain hands-on experience in their role and the chance to put the theory they learn in our course to practise. Additionally, to ensure you retain the productivity levels of your apprentice throughout the course, your apprentice will undertake 80% of their learning in your workplace. 

Government approved qualifications

Our apprenticeship courses have a minimum duration of 12 months with a 3-month end-point assessment process. By the end of the course, your apprentice will receive a Government approved qualification. Our Level 3 courses are equal to an A-Level qualification, and our Level 4 and 5 advanced-level apprenticeships are equivalent to a foundation-level university degree.

How the Apprenticeship Levy scheme works

If your wage bill exceeds £3 million, your business will be paying into the Apprenticeship Levy scheme. The Levy is charged at 0.5% of your wage bill. This money is collected in your HMRC digital account until it is either spent on apprenticeship training for your business or expires after 24 months. 

Suppose you don't pay the Levy, or you've already spent your allocation. In that case, you are eligible to receive at least 95% government funding for any apprenticeship training you enrol your staff on. This makes apprenticeships a highly affordable, cost-effective solution for workplace training for all UK employers. Check out our Guide to the Apprenticeship Levy scheme to find out more. 


Apprenticeship funding can be used to upskill, train and grow anyone within your company, whether this is someone right at the beginning of their career or an existing member of staff that could benefit from advanced sales training. When used wisely, this programme could transform the career of someone in your business and, in turn, increase revenue for your company.


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We've been passionate about delivering exceptional training for over 25 years at Pareto. But ultimately, the power of potential inspires everything we do. 

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Here at Pareto, we are committed to putting the safety and well-being of all our learners at the forefront of our process.

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We follow the latest major announcements by the government on funding to support the UK economy and to encourage investment in jobs.

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Apprenticeship FAQs

The Apprenticeship Levy charges companies with a wage bill over £3m an additional 0.5%. This sum is placed into a special fund to be used exclusively on apprenticeship training of new and existing staff. If your wage bill is not high enough to pay the Apprenticeship Levy you are still entitled to at least 95% funding on apprenticeships.

To calculate the levy fund for your business, you can use our Levy Calculator. Please click here

Courses are a minimum of 12 months with a 3 month end point assessment process.

The new Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship empowers salespeople with the essential blend of knowledge skills and behaviours they need for success, improving your team’s abilities in key areas such as customer understanding, product knowledge, market and competitor insight, through to organisational, rapport building, negotiation and presentation skills development. 13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job.

13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job. Designed for all businesses who rely on leadership and management structure for their growth, and those who wish to help their staff rapidly progress into roles with greater levels of responsibility.

The enrolment process is designed to achieve a number of areas, amongst them are the compliance and legislative requirements needed for funded training, but we do try to make it beneficial for all. You will be enrolled over 3 steps. Educate - Where we will discuss the best qualification for the learner. Engage - Where they will receive more in depth information specific to the qualification and the requirements. Then finally, Enrolment - where we will make sure the learner is ready to start the apprenticeship training and to meet the dedicated skills coach for support along the journey.

To learn more on how you can hire an apprentice, or enroll an existing employee onto our apprenticeship training programme call us on 0330 057 4891.

Apprentices under the age of 25 are exempt from employer national insurance contributions.

75% of business leaders think the Apprenticeships Levy is positive for businesses to improve their quality of products and services, according to the Training Journal.

The new apprenticeships are open to a wide range of learners, giving employers the power to choose their apprentices as long as basic criteria is met. The main requirements are that the learner is an EU citizen and has been living in the EU continuously for the last 3 years. There are also some stipulations around subject for university graduates. For further details contact us to find out if your staff are eligible.

The IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship provides you with all technical and sales related skills to be successful selling within the IT sector, from initial IT terminology to learning around how to position value to your clients through applying essential questioning techniques to ensure smooth delivery of the sales process - with your solutions complementing your clients existing IT Infrastructure. Upon successful completion, apprentices will be entitled to membership with RIT Tech. 13-15 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job.

Our new Operational Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship is a level of qualification equivalent to a foundation degree, reflecting the importance of a strong management skill set for leaders in any business. 24 month duration, with 80% of learning achieved on the job, for optimum productivity.

The Information Communication Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship provides those who work in an IT Support Technician role with the skills they need to help them resolve system user queries and faults in a helpdesk environment. The apprenticeship typically takes 18 months to complete, with 80% of learning achieved on the job.

  • Work-based Learning - Learning through real life management experience, your apprentice will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and expertise through guided activity. This incorporates support from their Line Manager and Skills Coach.
  • Face to face classroom training - Interactive and engaging events that focus on both leadership and management knowledge, skills development and practical application. Providing a great opportunity to network and experiment in a safe environment.
  • Virtual learning - Combining cutting-edge digital learning content with real-time access. The e-learning elements of the programme enable your apprentice to optimise their learning, time and team performance.
  • Learner visits - Apprentices are supported by experienced Skills Coaches in embedding the knowledge and skills gained. This will ensure smooth application and ongoing performance improvement, whilst preparing the apprentice for the end point assessment.
  • Online tools - Employers, Managers and apprentices will have access to E-track, a powerful e-portfolio designed to drive productivity and improve performance outcomes of the programme.
  • Employer support - Employers will have complete visibility of apprentice progression, access to the skills coaches and support and guidance with planning the apprenticeship programme for their business.
  • Manager support - Managers are supported as part of the process in developing a highly skilled professional through an initial interactive induction and a series of sales management e-learning modules.

We've carefully honed and perfected our apprenticeship training courses over the years to maximise our learners' potential. We're passionate about helping people develop into future business leaders. Ultimately, our vision is to be the UK's leading training provider, offering innovative and high-quality learning experiences for both learners and apprenticeship employers.

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