About Pareto

Our mission is to empower people and businesses worldwide to realise their potential.

At Pareto, we understand the power of potential. The last 25 years have been dedicated to pursuing this understanding, forming an unrivalled legacy, investing in talent across the globe.

We’re here to show you the difference.

We’re proud to have worked with industry-leading companies, helping them assess, place and train their salespeople. Potential can be fulfilled in many different ways. And it’s our mission to help you achieve it. 

Where we started.

Pareto was built on a clear opportunity in the market to hire a fresh, young sales workforce that delivered. Since 1996 we have focused on selecting, hiring and training the best salespeople. Narrowing down the field, to become strategic and efficient when recruiting new talent.

A lean and refined way of thinking, not unlike the 80/20 principle also known as Pareto’s law. We find the top 20% of talent, at any level that deliver 80% of the results across the sales industry.

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Where we are today.

Over 25 years and 30,000+ sales graduates later. We’ve learnt a lot. We’ve become global. We have expanded into project management, business analyst, sales, leadership and digital apprenticeships. With offices all over the world, we pride ourselves on our ability to resource and train staff at any level in the fields of sales, leadership, digital, project management and business analysis. 
Businesses of all sizes are using our services, all around the world - from Graduate recruitment, sales and leadership training, apprenticeships, executive recruitment and change and transformation resourcing - in their own ways to make their teams more efficient and stronger. We are built on helping businesses and employees realise their potential. 

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We pride ourselves on our ability to resource sales staff at any level, as well as upskill large, or small sales teams.

Across the world

Our headquarters are based in Wilmslow, South Manchester. We also have offices in Central London, Leeds, and New York. Our workspaces were designed with care, focusing on the need for an open office environment with spacious and bright training facilities. 

Our impact can be felt across the world. We're a global business and work to help businesses assess, place and train the best people in the market, no matter which side of the Atlantic. 

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The best part of connecting the best salespeople with market-leading companies is to see how far that potential can go.

Who we are

Our Team

We’ve worked hard to create an inclusive and encouraging environment. We want our people to feel motivated, energised and excited about the work they do.

We foster the kind of working culture that encourages and supports everyone to seize the day, take ownership, and make things happen.

Built on self-belief and hard work, Pareto’s founding philosophy is instilled in our team. We are our people. Our team works hard, they go the extra mile. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then why not join the Pareto team?

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It's time to realise your potential.

Working with Pareto is an experience like no other.

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Our apprenticeship courses go far beyond sales and now include leadership & management and IT/ Digital. Allowing us to support employers and learners in their development, no matter which department.

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Sales Recruitment

Top Graduate talent is hard to find. Our assess, place, train mantra is a rigorous and comprehensive solution to find the absolute best.

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Executive Search

We’ve been at the forefront of senior commercial hiring for more than two decades, building an extensive network across the globe.

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Project Solutions

Our flexible resourcing model allows you to cherry-pick your change management professionals from our talented cohort.

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We’ve been leading the way for 25 years, constantly evolving to bring you the absolute best corporate training programs and resources.

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Sales Contracting

The flexible solution to your sales growth. You pick your salespeople; we train them, we employ them, we pay them, you manage them.

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