How we started and the things we believe in


Pareto was founded at the summit of the Eiger in 1995 (how's that for inspiration)!  We named our company Pareto Law (a mathematical principle also known as the 80/20 rule, or the Law of the Vital Few), because we see this principle in the sales industry - whereby the top 20% of talent, at any level, deliver 80% of the results.


From sales graduates to sales leaders, we are as passionate today about finding, or transforming through training, that rare 20% of sales talent, as we were the day we were founded.

Sourcing and training candidates at entry and exec levels for our clients has taken us far in the last two decades. Exciting changes are afoot - we are  continuing to expand our global presence! Need entry level sales graduates in Florida? We can help find them from our New York Office. Need a bespoke sales training solution for experienced sales professionals in Hong Kong? Get in touch with us! 

Our Mission :

To Empower People and Businesses Worldwide to Unleash their Potential

Why use a digital sales training approach?

Right now, we’re living in a digital revolution. Younger generations are born with phones in their hands and you can do everything from ordering your shopping to doing training online. To keep up with modern day developments, we’re offering a blended learning approach to sales training, designed to help delegates absorb more information in a digital format.

As market-leading sales training experts, we have the experience and skill to bring you the very best services available. We’ve developed our digital sales training courses to reflect more than two decades of coaching sales people at all levels or experience.

We then combined our online sales training course with our classroom programmes to create a blended learning approach that gets results. 84% of skills-based learning is forgotten on leaving the classroom if not applied, proving a single practice method isn’t always the best option. That’s where our blended learning programme comes in. Our two-pronged style is uniquely designed to increase knowledge retention, ensure long-term behaviour change and, in turn, boost your return on investment.

What’s more, our digital learning suite was created to be simple and user-friendly, providing an accessible experience for everyone. We’ve designed the platform to reinforce and complement our classroom training, with the added benefit of allowing managers to keep track of an individual's progress.

Our digital sales training is suitable for professionals at all levels. From graduate training, to brushing up on the basics or improving your leadership skills, we’ve got it all covered.

The key outcomes of using a digital sales training provider

Thanks to the outstanding results from a blended learning approach, more and more people are turning to digital training. E-learning has expanded by 900% since 2000 and 50% of classes are expected to take place online by 2019.

To stay ahead of the game and ensure you’re getting the very best quality training, opt for a provider with the most cutting-edge training technology.

Transform the performance of your team and guarantee results with Pareto Law’s digital sales training courses.

How does digital learning work?

We’ve created our digital learning programme to complement our classroom training and ensure the information learned is retained in the long run. To boost your ROI, we focus on combining our classroom and digital sales training methods to deliver the following results:

- Retain. We provide ongoing access to our digital modules and focus on practice and repetition exercises to ensure information is retained for longer.

- Optimise. We’re dedicated to maximising the digestibility of our course and have created bite-sized interactive digital exercises to expand on our acclaimed classroom techniques and create a deeper understanding of the topic.

- Integrate. Our exercises are focused on applying new skills to increase retention and encourage the training to be integrated easily into the role.

Our 22nd year of excellence

The Numbers We're Really Proud Of


23,000 sales graduates placed worldwide


97% of clients recommend us highly to colleagues 


120,000 sales professionals trained over 21 years for leading businesses worldwide. 

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