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Here at Pareto, we know our stuff on sales, in fact, we (literally) wrote the handbook.

In 1995, East 17 - Stay Another Day, hit number one in the charts, Toy Story burst onto the big screen, an auction site named eBay was launched and, during the summit of the Eiger, Jonathan and Andrew agreed that something was missing from the sales industry.

Pareto Law was named after the economic principle also known as the 80/20 rule. After seeing the top 20% of talent, at any level, deliver 80% of the results across the sales industry, Andrew and Jonathan saw the need for a business that recruits differently. Focusing solely on the best 20% of the sales workforce.

Our Mission :

To Empower People and Businesses Worldwide to Unleash their Potential


Today, Pareto is the market leader in both sales recruitment and sales training. With offices in Manchester, London and New York, Pareto prides themselves on their ability to resource sales staff at any level, as well as upskill large, or small sales teams.


We’re always learning, and so is our team. Our staff are encouraged to commit to developing their skills, attend events and share what they do. Pareto works to develop a dynamic, inspiring and sociable culture that sustains a long-term workforce.

Our headquarters are based in Wilmslow, South Manchester. We also have offices in Central London, Leeds and New York. Our workspaces were designed with care, focusing on the need for an open office environment with spacious and bright training facilities. If you’re interested in joining the Pareto team or want to find out more about our culture - check our team page.

Self Belief and Application Can Take you Anywhere

Pareto is a business built on self belief and hard work.

Self belief is the all important first step, if you apply yourself in equal measure, then you can achieve anything.

The entry level graduates we place everyday, as well as their achievements, are living proof of this.

In recent years this approach has allowed us to expand globally, to diversify in the candidates we source and the clients we cater for.

Opportunities Don't Happen, you Create Them

Proactivity is everything. We foster the kind of working culture that encourages and supports everyone to seize the day, take ownership, and make things happen for themselves. 

Sales is all about thinking big and creating your own luck. It is not the reactive businesses that stay ahead of the market, but the persistent ones who forge and maintain the strongest relationships with their clients.

Together We are Stronger

Great ideas can come from anywhere and being inclusive and encouraging motivates people. 

In all walks of life, differing individuals that complement each other leads to a stronger collective. One person's strengths may enable the talents of an entire department.

Teamwork is not only about working together, but about recognising individual strengths and using them to the advantage of the many. This is why one of our most popular sales training courses is about teamwork and leadership; working together is just that important.

Don't be Afraid to Let Go of the Good, to Go for the Great

At Pareto and in business as a whole, one of the keys to growth is to never be satisfied with 'good'. As market leaders we owe it to our clients to always stay one step ahead, offering the premium in products and services; to help them achieve excellence. 

Don't get us wrong, we love to celebrate our client’s achievements as well as our own. Many of the candidates we have placed and trained have gone on to achieve great things. However, as soon as the celebrations are over it's time to buckle down and go for the next 'great' standard or innovation, whatever that might be.

Our 25th year of excellence

The Numbers We're Really Proud Of


30,000 sales graduates placed worldwide


97% of clients recommend us highly to colleagues 


150,000 sales professionals trained over 25 years for leading businesses worldwide. 

Market leader in Sales Recruitment and Training

See what our clients say

Over 25,000 sales graduates placed successfully worldwide

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    Very positive and delivered great value. Excellent initial candidate screening, tough decisions and a little fun were all present on the day.

    Ray Stevens, Vice President, Inside Sales, Atos.
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    Pareto provides the best of the best, time after time.

    Michael Lynskey, Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, J&J
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