How we started and the things we believe in


Pareto was founded at the summit of the Eiger in 1995 (how's that for inspiration)!  We named our company Pareto Law (a mathematical principle also known as the 80/20 rule, or the Law of the Vital Few), because we see this principle in the sales industry - whereby the top 20% of talent, at any level, deliver 80% of the results.


From sales graduates to sales leaders, we are as passionate today about finding, or transforming through training, that rare 20% of sales talent, as we were the day we were founded.

Sourcing and training candidates at entry and exec levels for our clients has taken us far in the last two decades. Exciting changes are afoot - we are  continuing to expand our global presence! Need entry level sales graduates in Florida? We can help find them from our New York Office. Need a bespoke sales training solution for experienced sales professionals in Hong Kong? Get in touch with us! 

Our Mission :

To Empower People and Businesses Worldwide to Unleash their Potential

Our 22nd year of excellence

The Numbers We're Really Proud Of


23,000 sales graduates placed worldwide


97% of clients recommend us highly to colleagues 


120,000 sales professionals trained over 21 years for leading businesses worldwide. 

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