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When it comes to your graduate career, we aren’t your standard recruitment agency. We take a unique approach to sourcing, assessing, placing and training our graduates, helping them to kickstart their careers. 

For graduates with a STEM degree, we can help you to get a leg up in the tech world using a client base we've established through over 20 years in training graduates. Since we see thousands of graduates each year it only made sense for us to find technical roles in addition to our usual sales opportunities. 

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Do you have commercial acumen?

If you've got a STEM degree, you could be put forward for a customer-facing tech role with one of our clients. From Adobe and Oracle to buzzing startups, all our clients need staff who have the winning combination of technical skills and the ability to handle customers. From Pre-Sales support to helpdesk, if there's a technical role which requires handling clients then we are perfectly placed to help arm technical graduates with what you need to succeed.

Training to invest in your future

Getting a tech job through Pareto is essentially joining a graduate programme. Whichever client you're placed with, they have already agreed to invest in your skills and development. All our tech graduates receive at least 9 days of training in Communicating for Impact, Presenting Solutions, Stakeholder Management and Problem Solving. These will give you the skills and confidence you need to deal with corporate colleagues and clients. So as long as you have strong communication skills, we can polish them to set your career off to a flying start. 

21 years of excellence

Our Assessment Process

  • One


    Found a graduate tech role that captures your interest? Drop us a line with your CV.

  • Two


    The next step of the process is your competency-based telephone interview with one of our Graduate Management Team.

  • Three


    If successful in your telephone interview, we will invite you to one of our assessment days where our tech recruitment staff and occasionally clients will get a chance to meet you face to face.

  • Four


    Once we've met you and assessed your skills; your analytical skills, ability to problem solve and commercial competencies, we identify the right role for you with one of our clients.

  • Five


    What makes Pareto so unique? Well, we don’t just place & walk away. Pareto Tech graduates receive several training courses to set them off on the right path.

The Assessment Day

What is an Assessment Centre?

An assessment centre is just a different approach to recruiting candidates to a job role. The end outcome is the same: match the right candidate to the right position. What makes assessment centres different, however, is that they offer a comprehensive and in-depth approach that goes much further than an interview alone. Combining a number of methods to seek out skills and competencies, they offer the potential employer a chance to see how you could fit into their company and role: and offer YOU the opportunity to really showcase what you’re made of.

Communicating for Impact

The aim of this 3 day course is to enable you to effectively communicate with a range of people and to understand how the commercial environment impacts on businesses.

Presenting Your Solution

The aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to effectively deliver key messages using different approaches and facilitate group sessions with different stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management

The aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to identify key stakeholders and the role they play, and to build a network plan of action.

Problem Solving

The aim of this 2 day course is to enable you to understand problems that arise in commercial environments, to ensure you have the tools to address and prevent them.

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