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Why you should build a diverse sales team

A good sales team is often integral for any business that wants sustained success. Due to their frequent interactions with customers, there’s the potential for your sales team to be a real driving force behind your business.

As their performance is synonymous with the revenue and therefore, overall success of your company, you’ll always been looking to extract better results from your sales team. To achieve this, you might think your sales team needs to work longer and make more outbound phone calls. However, there are other, more efficient ways of selling your product or service, one of which is to make your sales team more diverse.

Diversity doesn’t just refer to race and gender, it includes other categories like age, religion and sexual orientation. Essentially, to have a diverse workplace means that your company represents a wide range of backgrounds, characteristics and experiences. This article will go through some of the reasons why diversity is valuable for your sales team and the overall company.  

Connect to a wider demographic

If all of your sales team had similar upbringings, then they might struggle to connect with those from different backgrounds. As a result, there’s a chance that your competitors will take advantage and strengthen their position. To stop this from happening, you can bring in sales reps from a variety of backgrounds. This can help to give your sales team an understanding of different cultures and lifestyles, something that can help you to connect more effectively with numerous demographics and markets.    

Leads to a more engaged and innovative workforce

Employee engagement is key when trying to get your sales reps to perform at their highest level. As there’s a direct correlation between diversity and employee engagement, it’s important that companies provide an inclusive environment to ensure an engaged, productive workforce.  

Hiring sales reps with different lifestyles and experiences will allow you to build a sales team that shares a variety of viewpoints and opinions. By embracing diversity of thought, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of ideas, which can’t necessarily be achieved by people who have all had very similar experiences. Ultimately, a diverse workforce leads to a more innovative and creative workforce.

Attract and retain talented salespeople

Nowadays, employees are often inspired by being part of something and making a difference. Therefore, as a bare minimum, you should be looking to create an inclusive and diverse working environment.

Aside from an improved salary and benefits package, employees can be motivated to resign if their employer’s value system doesn’t match their own. This is something that has become more prominent in recent years and is especially common with younger generations.

If you don’t take diversity and inclusion seriously, then you might find an increase in employee resignations. If this particular pattern takes effect within your sales team, it can be quite disastrous for the overall growth of your business. Hiring new salespeople and getting them up to an efficient level is expensive and takes time, which is why it’s so important to actively retain your talented salespeople.

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