Pareto's graduate assessment process

Start your graduate sales career today.

When it comes to your graduate sales career, we aren’t your standard recruitment agency. We take a unique approach to sourcing, assessing and placing our graduates, creating the best possible foundation for your future sales career.

Beyond the credentials.

Our key selling point is that we go further when it comes to discovering your sales potential. We don’t believe in using a graduate’s CV as the sole basis for determining their worth. That’s why we offer a comprehensive screening and assessment process, using competency-based methods to gain the full picture of your sales potential. We match those competencies to our clients and their roles.

Taking you further.

When it comes to taking your career further, we’re in it for the long run, supporting and mentoring you every step of the way. Our free 15 days training and development equip you with all the foundational skills you require to hit the ground running in your graduate sales career. What’s more, we even offer sales accreditation and qualifications, bringing you the recognition you need to get ahead in the world of sales. 

The best graduate roles.

We promise to deliver you the largest list of graduate sales jobs, supporting all university leavers from the foundation of their graduate careers, through to becoming future sales leaders for the UK’s best graduate employers.


The Pareto Graduate Process:

Taking your graduate career on the journey to success. Submit your CV today

Step One: Application

Found a graduate sales role that captures your interest? Drop us a line with your CV or submit CV.

Step Two: Screening

The next step of the process is your competency-based telephone interview with one of our Graduate Management Team.

Step Three: Assessment

If successful in your telephone interview, we will invite you to one of our many assessment centres, held every week around the UK.

Step Four: Placement

We don’t set out to place you into just any graduate sales job. Our goal is to understand and match you to the very best role for YOU.

Step Five: Training

What makes the Pareto Effect so unique? Well, we don’t just place & walk away. We provide free training & development.


The Assessment Day

What is an Assessment Centre?

An assessment centre is just a different approach to recruiting candidates to a job role. The end outcome is the same: match the right candidate to the right position. What makes assessment centres different, however, is that they offer a comprehensive and in-depth approach that goes much further than an interview alone. Combining a number of methods to seek out skills and competencies, they offer the potential employer a chance to see how you could fit into their company and role: and offer YOU the opportunity to really showcase what you’re made of.

276k graduate sales job applications per year

20 graduate assessment centres ran every month

Up to 15 days sales training per graduate

15k candidates assessed every month

The Pareto Assessment Day

We welcome thousands of graduates every year to our unique assessment centres around the UK. Our assessment centres typically come under one of two different categories:

  • Open assessment centres: held weekly at either our London assessment centre in Chiswick or our purpose-built assessment facility at the Pareto head office in Wilmslow, our open assessment centres welcome both candidates who have applied for specific positions and those simply looking to enter the world of sales.
  • Bespoke/client assessment centres: held either at one of our assessment centres or on-site at the premises of the company, these assessment days are tailored to a specific organisation who are usually looking for a number of graduates to join a Graduate Programme or sales team.

Run by our team of experienced Graduate Managers and Recruitment Specialists, no two assessment days are ever quite the same. We set out to identify those core competencies and skills that will help you become a future leader in the world of sales, using a number of different methods including:

  • Introductions
  • Group work exercises
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Presentations
  • Aptitutde and psychometric tests
  • Informal observation
  • Written tasks
  • Question and answer sessions

Pareto assessment centres give you a chance to show yourself at your very best. You will work with fellow graduates and as an individual to sell yourself, playing to your strengths and demonstrating what you could bring to your new role. Here, the focus isn’t on your experience or where you’ve been. It’s about where you could go.

So with the support of your own Graduate Manager, you can be confident that a career in sales is right for you. Looking for some advice and inside tips to help you out on the day? Why not check out our assessment day guide, here.

Want to find out more? Why not check out our assessment day video and gain an insight into what the day looks like at one of our assessment days at the Pareto head office in Wilmslow.

You might also want to check out our Graduate Survival Guide to Assessment Centres.


Training and Development

Once you’ve come through our assessment process and landed your dream graduate job, we don’t stop there. Here at Pareto, we set out to equip you with the tools you need to not only succeed but excel in your new role. With our graduate training, we create world-class sales people.

As part of the graduate process, you will benefit from up to 15 days of sales training, undertaken within the first 12-18 months of your role. Starting with 5 days residential training at our purpose-built training centre in Wilmslow to equip you with the fundamentals. We bring you tailored, market-leading training to cover all areas of professional selling. Our courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Ethical Negotiation Skills

And optional courses on top include:

  • Account Management
  • High Impact Selling
  • Live Telephone Selling
  • Sales Management and Leadership

We even offer accreditation and sales qualifications ideal to help you move up the ladder.

So the Pareto Effect means you get the support and development you need to take you to the top. At every stage of your career.