Our sales training courses can be tailored to your business.

Our specialist trainers deliver over 2,800 man days of sales training per year, revitalising sales teams of all sizes and in all sectors.

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The bespoke sales training process, based around your company

Deborah Berry, 
National Sales Manager at Medela UK

"With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.”

Bespoke sales training

As the UK’s leading sales enhancement specialists, we understand the importance of sourcing a tailored sales solution that will match your market, industry and organisation.

Our market-leading bespoke sales solutions are designed to bring you innovative training and development programmes that will assess, benchmark, develop and accredit your current and future sales force.

At Pareto, we have an in-house team of over 20 training professionals, all of whom help us to deliver 2,800 man days of sales training each year in order to revitalise sales teams of any size, in any sector.

Our popular bespoke training services have worked for some of the world's biggest brands, enabling us to deliver repeated and tangible return on investment through tailored and industry-specific training. Our agility, experience and contextualised approach makes Pareto one of the leading providers in the sales training industry.

As our bespoke training solutions are designed, tailored and contextualised to your business, course content will accelerate towards the attainment of your company vision and objectives. Key outcomes and performance indicators will be established during the design stage, and our training will help your sales people:

  • Book more meetings to drive conversion rates
  • Increase revenue from existing accounts
  • Drive new business
  • Adopt a solution-based approach to selling
  • Increase ROI and protect profit margins
  • Improve margins

Need a complete sales enhancement service?


Initially, we will assess your sales team to understand the current skill level, providing a full health check into every area - identifying skills and behavioural gaps in your team. We help you to determine whether staff are in the right roles and create structured succession plans and competency frameworks, which validate your needs and provide you with the tools required to measure performance and create the best possible talent pool. The Pareto audit assessment process means you get the very best insight into your sales team.

Design and Delivery

Once your bespoke course has been designed, our expert trainers will begin the sales transformation process by delivering industry-leading tailored training. The audit process is created to design contextualised programmes which are relevant and specific to your market and current challenges. Our well-proven methodologies can enable your sales people to book more appointments, improve conversion rates in meetings and increase sales with both new business and existing accounts. At leadership level, we focus on how to coach and provide feedback for better results, how to manage performance and how to adapt management styles for different personnel and situations. We assist your managers in becoming inspirational leaders who can help transform your business. Overall, Pareto training gives your sales people the tools they need to be the best.

Follow-up and review

Sales transformation isn’t an event. It’s a process. That’s why we follow up; to make sure our training initiatives are translating into the real-life sales processes in your business. We are highly outcome focused, both in terms of changing existing behaviours and improving results at all levels. We look for the measurable effect our training delivers, making sure you get the very best from your sales people. We even offer a unique shared reward model alternative to conventional day rates for large programmes, where we put 'skin in the game' in return for a performance related bonus. We evaluate where our training has taken you, and map out the next steps to ensure your sales team continues to increase both sales and margin. We call this the Pareto Effect.

2.8k man days of sales training per year

Increased sales revenue by 25% for SSC Ltd

Assess and train 4700 sales people a year

Mimecast: an increase of new business revenues by 50%

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