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We empower businesses to unlock their full potential through bespoke and blended training programs tailored to your team, industry, and objectives.

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Tailored and Blended Training to Realise Your People’s Potential

At Pareto, our over 25-year track record speaks volumes. We've successfully provided customised and blended training solutions to market-leading organisations globally, spanning diverse industries, including everything from Manufacturing right through to FinTech and Professional Services.

We recognise the significance of your industry and the value you place on your products and services. That's why our training is meticulously designed to elevate your team's performance and drive unparalleled success whilst always aligning with your unique needs. 

Delivering World-Class Tailored Training Across the Globe

Finding an effective, experienced worldwide training provider who delivers in multiple languages and understands the nuances of local sales cultures is an ever-present challenge for a multinational business.

Our Global Commercial Performance team has a proven track record of developing and executing bespoke sales training programs across various continents—from the UK and Europe to North and South America— our global team possesses the expertise and agility to meet your unique needs. Wherever your sales teams operate, we stand ready to unlock their full potential and drive unparalleled success.

Results drive our Bespoke Sales Training

We view bespoke training and development as an investment in your people, which should be designed to deliver against set KPIs linked to your business goals and objectives. That's why our bespoke training solutions are developed with your KPIs in mind from the outset. Pareto's training is tailored to your specific products & solutions and current market dynamics, ensuring relevance and practical applicability. Our ROI Contract lets us record these KPIs early on and track your business's performance following our intervention. This ensures a substantial and meaningful ROI and ROE for our clients. 

Examples of KPIs we measure our bespoke training programs against include: 

Our Bespoke Sales Training Process

Our “Accelerate” approach to bespoke training of Audit, Align, Attain, and Accredit is designed to help fast-track ROI for your business and unleash your people's potential. We’ve created this unique four-step process to allow us to identify and implement business-critical changes to significantly improve your team's efficiency and profitability.

Our expert team conducts a thorough consultation to pinpoint areas where your business requires support. We discuss your business goals and objectives in depth and concurrently evaluate your team's current output. 

This partnership approach extends as we guide you in understanding how strategic training can enhance profitability. This involves providing detailed individual and group-level feedback, a heat map of competency levels, and personalised recommendations. The meticulousness of this process guarantees that our training is tailored precisely to meet your business needs and objectives.

  • Assessment to Industry Standards: We can assess sales and sales management teams according to industry standards of excellence.

  • Objective Feedback and Recommendations: We reveal gaps and strengths, offering objective feedback and recommendations.

  • Bespoke Development Solutions: Serving as a bridge into our Align phase, we customise development solutions to align closely with your commercial strategy and objectives.

Once we have developed a detailed understanding of your business, we can begin designing a bespoke sales training and development programme aligned to your needs and challenges. This stage is crucial in ensuring that your business and people get the most out of our experience and programmes. Therefore, in this design process, we match the programme’s structure to your requirements, which can include:

  • The KPIs, goals, and metrics you and your team are working towards

  • Defining and implementing best practices for your sales cycle and process 

  • Building competency frameworks that assess knowledge, skills, behaviour 

  • Creating development plans to measure the success of the training 

  • Development of reward and recognition to drive, for example, behaviours, progression structures, cadences, sales, and approaches.

We embrace the understanding that every organisation is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Our flexible blended methodology is designed to align precisely with your desired outcomes, addressing specific organisational requirements and challenges and ensuring a substantial return on investment (ROI). 

Pareto serves as a flexible blended learning provider, creating customised programmes and training methods to address each client's unique needs. The methods used in our learning experiences include:

  • Classroom training and facilitation 

  • Virtual instructor-led training

  • Tactical toolkits and templates 

  • Microlearning

  • Social learning discussion boards

  • Digital assets such as podcasts, videos, gamification sessions, and knowledge

  • Clients also receive personalised learning pathways covering onboarding materials to targeted tutorials or demos

Here's how our blended learning methods make a difference:

  • Tailored Development Strategy: Our approach isn't just about training; it's about delivering a targeted and tailored development strategy aimed at achieving commercial excellence. We understand that your business has distinct needs, and our strategy is crafted to meet those specific requirements.

  • Managerial Coaching for Long-Term Change: We go beyond short-term fixes. Pareto focuses on coaching your managers to instigate lasting change across the entire sales team. This investment in managerial skills ensures sustainable improvements and continuous growth.

  • Real-Life Application: Our training isn't theoretical; we work on real-life challenges, issues, and opportunities. We ensure that our deliverables directly impact your ROI by addressing practical scenarios.

Our commitment to customisation extends to designing training programs that suit the specific context of our clients. Whether a global team is utilising a virtual digital program or a London-based team is participating in regular, instructor-led sessions, our blended training approach ensures flexibility and effectiveness in addressing diverse learning needs.

Gartner's research found that B2B sales reps forget 70% of the information they have learned within a week of training, and 87% forget within a month. Therefore, in the concluding phase of our Accelerate process, we will support you in fighting against this ‘forgetting trend’ by constructing a personalised accreditation programme tailored to encourage and develop present and future high-performing leaders. We extend our offerings to include assessment and accreditation across entry-level and those already in leadership positions. 

This crucial stage of our Accelerate process prioritises rapid skill improvement and underscores ongoing growth. We carefully assess skills proficiency and integrate these enhancements smoothly into your business and procedures, ensuring strategic alignment for effective long-term talent development and promotion planning.

Our methods for this part of the process include: 

  • Robust Approach for Lasting Change: We take a robust approach to ensure change and learning stick, delivering a tangible return on investment (ROI).

  • Integration into Working Life: We provide skills and behaviours that seamlessly integrate into working life.

  • Accreditations for Managers and Executives: We offer accreditations for managers and sales executives.

  • Effective Assessment Methods: We embed course learning through assessment methods such as observed role plays, presentations, and internal accreditations.

  • Behavioural and Empirical Evidence: Our approach is grounded in behavioural and empirical evidence, enriched with live case studies.

Case Study

A Need for Growth and Shift Towards a Coaching Culture

Johnson Controls International

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