10 Benefits of Sales Outsourcing


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Many sales challenges can cause a company to fall behind the competition, from struggling to hit sales targets and lacking the internal resources to scale at a desired rate to failing to expand into new markets. Thankfully, there is a solution to these sales challenges, which stems from sales outsourcing and sales as a service.

In this article, we explore the top 10 benefits of outsourcing your sales team and why sales outsourcing is a viable solution to help your business overcome its sales challenges. However, before we delve into the list, first, let's define what is meant by sales as a service.

What is sales as a service?

Commonly known as sales contracting, businesses can utilise sales as a service as an outsourced sales resource to support their sales operations by building successful sales teams without adding to their headcount. Not to be confused with lead generation services, Sales as a Service is a concept offered to organisations by a service provider and is an outsourced sales solution that supports or acts as an extension of a business's existing sales team. These sales contracting providers who offer sales as a service can lend a company a single sales consultant or an entire team of salespeople to assist a business for the required period they need support.

Ultimately, the sales outsourcing sales as a service function can help businesses overcome their sales challenges, hit their targets, fill talent gaps and improve their sales operations.

The benefits of outsourcing your sales team

There are many reasons why sales as a service are beneficial to organisations. When you discover and understand these benefits, you will see why so many companies of all sizes turn to sales as a service solution. So, with that said, let's delve into the 10 benefits of sales outsourcing.

1. Sales outsourcing saves time

Outsourcing your sales team or taking on a single sales consultant through a sales as a service provider can save you time when hiring an onboarding. When you outsource your sales, you invest in a provider who can offer sales contractors to support your business almost instantly. Unlike sales recruitment, where you have to go through the process of scoping the market, selecting candidates, interviewing potentials and onboarding talent into your business, which takes time, sales outsourcing is a much quicker end-to-end process.

Sales outsourcing providers will have sales consultants and resources ready and waiting for you. All your business needs to do is get in touch with a provider, tell them what resources you need, when you need them and how long for, and before you know it, you will have equipped your business with the added sales resource to bolster your sales operations.

2. Outsourcing your sales team is cost-effective

While sales outsourcing is an excellent timesaving solution, sales as a service is also a highly cost-effective way of outsourcing your sales team. As outsourced sales services are similar to acquiring a sales consultant on a short-term contract or interim deal, you don't have to worry about certain expenses. Expenses like an annual salary, monetary bonuses, employee insurance, offering staff benefits and providing tools and work equipment are all covered by your service provider.

Your business only has to compensate for the specific sales outsourcing time you require. Allowing you to scale up resources without the fixed overheads of permanent hires. Ultimately, this benefit is the main reason companies outsource their sales due to the economic climate.

3. Sales as a Service offers a flexible way to scale

Another great benefit of sales outsourcing and sales as a service is the solution's flexibility. The cost-effectiveness of sales as a service ties in perfectly with this point, as you can manage your internal budget to help scale your sales teams and your business. For example, you may have a team of salespeople but don't have the funds to add to your permanent headcount. In that case, you can utilise the flexibility of sales outsourcing to fund the resources you can afford to scale at a pace that doesn't strain your finances.

Sales outsourcing can also be used as a form of temporary cover, assisting your sales team if someone was to go on maternity, was off sick or was taking a sabbatical. You could therefore bring in an outsourced sales consultant to fill this gap without needing to hire a new employee who you may have to let go of once your salesperson returns from their leave. Similarly, you may require a specific skill set to help meet your sales goals; an outsourced sales consultant can provide you with the skills necessary to suit your business needs at any time.

4. Outsourcing your sales team can reduce risk

When your business explores the possibilities of outsourcing your sales team, one benefit to consider is the reduced risk offered by a sales-as-a-service solution. Unlike when you hire a sales consultant on a permanent contract when you outsource your sales team, you don't have to worry about onboarding the wrong person. If the outsourced sales consultant doesn't meet your expectations, replacing the resource is far easier without going through an extensive recruitment process.

Besides being less of a financial risk, investing in an outsourced sales consultant means giving someone a trial run without committing to anything long-term. But, of course, if the outsourced sales consultant is successful, you can keep utilising their services and that of the sales outsourcing provider.

5. An outsourced sales consultant offers new expertise

Sales outsourcing allows you to bring sales contractors into your business and add additional expertise and new knowledge to your sales operations with top talent capable of transforming your sales team. While having the niche sales skills you require, outsourced sales consultants are often highly experienced salespeople, with many having worked in permanent positions in other companies.

With their expertise and experience, you can expect your outsourced sales consultant to hit the ground running within your company. Typically, they will already know or be aware of your industry, client base and your products and services. Additionally, their expertise can bring a fresh perspective to your sales operations, helping to streamline your sales processes and grow your business.

6. Expand into new markets with outsourced sales consultants

With sales as a service, your outsourced sales consultant's expertise will allow your business to expand into different markets. Whether branching out to provide a new product or service, moving into new locations or targeting a specific client persona, sales outsourcing can take your business to new heights.

Suppose you want to expand into specific market areas. In that case, your outsourced sales contractor can advise and help your sales team create strategies for future growth and support taking your business above the competition.

7. Enhances the productivity and performance of your sales team

Outsourcing your sales team with sales as a service can enhance the performance of your sales team and increase productivity levels within your business. As mentioned, outsourced sales consultants are highly experienced sales professionals, but they also often have managerial and leadership qualities. Therefore, if your sales team needs direction or you need help to get the best out of your internal salespeople, they can be a catalyst for motivating, leading and managing your sales team to success.

An outsourced sales team from a trusted sales as a service provider will hold themselves to a high standard. These standards can be embedded within your company to raise the productivity and performance of your team. Regardless of how long you utilise a sales outsourcing partnership, an outsourced sales team's long-term impact on your business's productivity and performance can become embedded in your sales operations.

8. You can access more data analytics and insights

With sales as a service, you can utilise the resources of sales consultants and personnel while also taking advantage of various other tools to support your sales operations. From data analytics and industry insights, these tools can be introduced to your internal salespeople by your outsourced sales team to transform your business.

Having greater access to data analytics and insights supports our previous two points. With data analytics and insights attained and supported by your outsourced sales team, you can use this information when planning strategies. These strategies can help justify business decisions, from expanding into new markets to gaining new customers and finding ways to increase your sales team's productivity.

9. Sales outsourcing increases internal collaboration

Outsourcing your sales team can promote and increase internal collaboration within your organisation. It's still common for businesses to have their departments work independently, with no push or desire for internal cooperation. However, by encouraging collaboration, companies can create better strategies, connect goals and objectives and ultimately scale more positively.

For example, it would be beneficial for a company's sales department to collaborate with the marketing team to align their goals, brainstorm ideas and work together to promote and sell products and services. If your business needs help with increasing collaboration with different departments, an outsourced sales team can help embed this into your organisation and ingrain this within your people.

10. An outsourced sales team is your brand partner

Once you've chosen a sales as a service provider that offers sales outsourcing that genuinely supports your business's sales operations and delivers results, you will consider your provider as a partner who is essentially an extension of your brand.

Whenever you require support from an outsourced sales team, you can turn to your reliable sales as a service partner to help you overcome your sales challenges. In time your outsourced sales consultants will learn more about your product and service offering, your culture and your long-term business goals and objectives. With this, your sales contracting provider will better support your strategies and help you to provide exceptional experiences to your client base and ultimately help realise the potential of your business.

Finding an outsourced sales solution

Now you understand the benefits of sales outsourcing, discover how Pareto's sales contracting can support your business in outsourcing your sales team. Our sales as a service solution can enhance your sales team, helping you realise your potential with sales consultants ready to impact your organisation immediately.  Get in touch with our outsourced sales experts today and take your business to new heights.

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