5 Essential Strategies to Boost Your Sales Team’s Morale

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5 ways you can boost your sales team’s morale

Sales teams play an important role in businesses. They build relationships with customers and drive revenue. And while a sales team can positively influence a business, this isn’t always the case. An unmotivated sales team can lead to a drop in productivity, impacting the success of a business.   

So, as a sales leader, it’s essential to motivate your team to improve performance. And with the right strategy in place, you will be able to influence the success of your business. Here are 5 ways you can boost your sales team’s morale:

Get to know your sales team

There are different forms of motivation. There’s intrinsic motivation, when people find fulfilment from doing an activity. Salespeople motivated in this way enjoy their role. And they gain a sense of personal satisfaction in mastering their selling skills. Whereas extrinsic motivation is when people find motivation in external rewards. In a sales role, this might mean chasing clients for the sole purpose of making money.

Your sales team will likely be diverse, with individuals from all walks of life. So, to get the best out of them you need to know what motivates each of them. With this, it’s essential to help your salespeople find meaning within their job. Employees who have a purpose at work are more motivated and committed. You can help your salespeople with this by giving them an idea about your company’s vision and values. They will then get an idea of how they can contribute and help your business achieve its goals. This will give your salespeople a renewed drive, helping to improve the team’s morale. 

Promote work-life balance 

Salespeople are often under pressure to meet goals. This can lead to your sales team increasing the number of hours they work. While this might work at first, it’s not a great long-term solution. Overworking can soon lead to burnout, further hindering productivity. Overwhelmed salespeople can end up neglecting other areas of their life. They might not exercise or eat in the right way, meaning they don’t have the energy to perform. And if salespeople don’t get the support they need, they might resign in search of other jobs. 

So, as a sales leader, how do you retain your best talent? Well, one morale-boosting option, is to promote the importance of work-life balance. You can achieve this by ensuring your salespeople don’t work longer hours than they need to. You can also allow your team to work from home at times. This means they spend less time commuting to and from the office. And with that extra time, your sales team can focus on other aspects of their lives. 

Working less doesn’t always cause a drop in productivity. When your salespeople show up for work each morning, they will feel energised and ready to go. This will contribute to an improvement in both productivity and morale. 

Make selling fun

Sales roles don’t have to consist of long periods spent making cold calls. Although it might get results, this can be repetitive and tedious for your sales team. Remember, the wrong approach will leave your salespeople feeling unengaged. And this risks a high staff turnover. You should instead aim to make the office a fun space, where your sales team wants to be. 

There are various ways you can make selling fun. You can transform regular tasks into engaging activities. The exact activities you put in place don’t matter too much. But, they should be exciting enough, that everyone on the team wants to get involved. 

To make sales fun you need the office to be a positive space. One way to do this is to have regular fancy-dress days. This brings your sales team together and ensures a light-hearted atmosphere. If everyone shares the same attitude and gets involved, then team morale will improve.

Recognise their achievements

If members of your sales team are hitting their targets, there’s no doubting their work ethic. After all, being a successful salesperson isn’t easy. As a result, it’s important to recognise and reward their efforts. Of course, most companies have a commission structure for their salespeople. But, sometimes it’s good to go the extra mile to show your team that you care. 

You can organise a team meal to celebrate their achievements. Or you can recognise their individual efforts in front of the rest of the office. Another idea is to introduce a spinning wheel to the office. Each section of the wheel should include a different prize. And when your salespeople reach a milestone, they get to spin the wheel. How you go about celebrating your sales team’s achievements doesn’t matter so much. But, recognising their efforts will boost morale across your sales team.  

Encourage accountability 

Holding your sales team accountable for their results is another way to boost morale. And being accountable for their work means they will take pride in how they perform. Taking ownership allows salespeople to refocus their efforts, making the business more productive.  And with this attitude, they will be more dedicated to your company. After all, your employees want their efforts to contribute towards your company's goals. 

To prompt further growth, you need to look for ways you can increase your team’s responsibilities. Professional development opportunities can help your employees make more of an impact. Sales training courses will enable your salespeople to improve their abilities. There are a whole range of interactive sales training courses out there. And with the right provider, your sales team will learn the latest selling techniques. 

Over time, your salespeople will develop their skills and make more sales. And as a result, your salespeople will continue to grow alongside the company. Your sales team will realise their ability to grow with your company. This, in turn, will build trust in the workplace and improve morale. 

Do you want to boost your sales team’s morale with sales training? Well, you’re in the right place. With over 25 years of experience, we can develop your sales team’s skills. Take a look at our sales training page to see how we will go about doing this.

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