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4 Minutes

The top floor conference suite boasted spectacular views of the capital and set the scene for another thought provoking talk, followed by an exclusive evening of networking.

This year The Sales Leadership Forum sought to engage and inspire delegates on various topics with the main focus being ‘creating behavioural change’ within their own businesses. They promised to deliver a presentation and debate which would demonstrate to attendees how to develop, recruit and retain sales people to achieve sales excellence.

The event was hosted and led by Pareto’s Sales Director of Managed Services Bryn Thompson, who himself runs a high performance team of sales training experts, managing and leading sales teams for over 20 years. Bryn was supported by speakers Neil Ryland VP EMEA of Huddle, an experienced motivational speaker, and James Wise, Venture Investor at Balderton Capital who helped build one of the UK’s first social venture funds.

On the theme of the day Bryn Thompson stated “We are keen to share knowledge at executive level as a market-leader within sales recruitment and training. Following previous successes with The Leadership Forum we know that an interactive debate with ample opportunity to share ideas and experiences works well to instil our clients with genuine solutions and practical ideas. The aim of the day was to equip our clients with real solutions for overcoming some of the challenges facing businesses today by creating behavioural change within their sales teams and always adapting to the current market. We are lucky to have such a broad spectrum of clients whom, when we bring together, offer great insight into their varied industries, allowing us to learn from their own successes and challenges.”

Neil Ryland provided expert advice to start-up companies who are developing and maturing into larger organisations, describing components of an ideal sales team that  are as relevant to a SME as it is to a blue chip organisation. Ryland noted that ‘the environment and incentive to drive hard work can be created, but loyalty, attitude and tenacity cannot as these are inherent attributes of a great sales person.’

James Wise’s presentation emphasised the importance of data, specifically using all that you can capture in order to learn about your customers, which in turn provides your sales team with the insight they need to excel. Wise later stressed the importance of being comfortable testing out new approaches to your existing processes, and continuously empowering your sales team, giving them the opportunity to be creative and push boundaries.

The presentations struck a chord with one client in particular, who remarked that ‘both were very on-topic, looking at how traditional industrial businesses can lean from tech start-ups’. Another client noted his interest in hearing about the experiences of fast growing SAAS organisations, along with learning some interesting points about essential characteristics of sales people.

When the debate concluded, Pareto managers and clients alike enjoyed canapés and drinks whilst watching a captivating sunset over the London Tower Bridge, giving all attendees the opportunity to network and discuss the proceedings in a relaxed setting. The evening drew to a close in the exclusive Hilton Sky Lounge where panoramic views of the city could be enjoyed, truly a day to remember. 

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