How do you run a successful sales team?

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If you are asking yourself this question, then you are already on the right track. This is crucial because not enough managers self-evaluate their roles. According to a survey done by Hubspot, 66% of salespeople are not reaching their quotas. Evaluating your own managerial responsibilities in a sales team will ultimately lead to success.

Yet, before you can move into reaching your goals, you must evaluate your sales team. Is your sales team underperforming? Do they have the necessary drive? There are many reasons why your sales team could be lacking behind. Yet, ensuring that all members of your team have the same ultimate goal is the foundation for success.

Once you are sure your sales team is passionate, compatible and driven, you can then pursue the following steps to ensure your business can meet its goals.

Inspire your team

There is nothing that beats an inspired team. This strategy helps the salesperson know how successful they can be. It helps them visualize a better version of themselves and builds stamina. How can you inspire your team? Show gratitude for all the hard work they put in. Be honest and accountable for what happens, even if the consequences are negative.

One-to-one coaching 

All members of your sales team may be driven, highly successful and passionate about what they do. Yet, you must never forget that everyone is unique. Get to know your team through one-on- one coaching. What keeps one person going and what benefits the next? How do you ensure that everyone is motivated in their own way? It has been found that companies that provide solid coaching to their team see a 16.7% growth in their annual revenue.

Use technology to collaborate 

Make the life of your sales team easier with technology. Equipment such as tablets and headsets comfortably allow your sales team to multitask and always stay in contact with one another, attend client meetings and be always prepared. Technology also allows greater flexibility in your team's force in scheduling and location, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Add competition

This is a great motivation booster. Creating healthy competition among salespeople is the best way to ensure your team is constantly developing and improving. Ensure to communicate a clear goal that is simple and fun.

Identify challenges

What is the real reason why your sales team is failing to meet targets? Even with the greatest salespeople, things can still go wrong. A common issue is the fear of rejection. It is easy for your salespeople to assume that a cold call will result in a rejection. The secret is to teach your team to understand what success really is. Support your team with their everyday needs regardless of how small or large the issue might be.

It is better to build your team up rather than continually hire new staff once your team members make a mistake. In fact, it has been estimated that losing an employee and hiring someone else to fill the position can cost your company 200% of the employee’s annual pay. Being an efficient manager will guide you in shaping your team to reach success and avoid underperformance problems. 

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