Sales Training FAQs

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Are the sales training courses accredited?

All our training courses are accredited by the LPI (Learning and Performance Institute). Alongside our face-to-face training we offer a blended learning approach with our digital sales training programme built around information retention, increased productivity and exceptional ROI. Our modular courses can be delivered in our training centres, off site at a business establishment or via remote virtual webinars.

How can a small business improve their sales performance?

As well as a sales training provider, we recruit for all sizes of companies throughout a range of industries in the UK and beyond. No matter the size of your team, a well trained Pareto graduate can really make the difference to meeting and sales conversion rates.

How can I boost my sales teams’ performance?

Boosting your sales performance first starts with identifying where there are potential areas for improvement within the business. Once this has been established, you can up skill your team through a sales training programme that is specific to the need or design a bespoke training package to cater for a wider sales team.

How can I find out more about each course?

To find out more about the details of each course, simply visit the sales training courses page, where you will find the relevant information of each Pareto sales training course. Also how to book the modular courses, whether it's face-to-face or virtual training you're looking for.

How long does each sales training course last?

Our face to face sales training courses range from 2-5 days depending on the type of course. For virtual courses, these range from 1-3 days via a remote interactive webinar delivered by our expert coaches.

How much does it cost for a sales training course?

Sales training courses can vary depending on the modular type and the duration of the course. Often there are potential discounts available if multiple courses are purchased. To find out more about our modular courses and pricing, please contact us via a web form or call us on 0330 011 0732.

What are the most important skills in sales?

The Top 12 most important skills that are required in sales that can enhance your success as a sales person;

  • Questioning & Listening
  • Prospecting
  • Building Relationships
  • Social Selling Negotiation
  • Problem Solving Building
  • Value Presentation
  • Being Relevant
  • Empathy
  • Hunger & Drive
  • Commercial awareness

What are the types of sales training courses that are available?

Pareto Law offers seven industry leading sales training courses including 'Sales Fundamentals', ‘LIve Prospecting’, ‘Sales Excellence’, ‘Account Management’, 'Sales Management', ‘Negotiation Skills’ and ‘Powerful Pitches’. In addition, we also offer four virtual sales training courses. These courses are delivered by our expert sales trainers. You can choose each of the individual courses or book multiple courses to meet the skill based needs.

What is sales training?

Sales training is a development process in which salespeople make an attempt to refine their selling skills through a training programme to build knowledge and improve their abilities to become a talented salesperson.

What locations can you cover for sales training?

We have offices across London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and in the US (New York), however we cover many more locations than this. We provide sales training for all industries and sectors. If traveling to a particular location is an issue, then there is the option to book onto our virtual sales training courses, which are delivered through a remote webinar.

What sales training methodologies do you use?

Our sales training courses are blended with industry leading strategies alongside the sales cadence approach to refine selling skills and knowledge. We emphasise this to ensure positive results are achieved during the sales process. This would include a mixture of basic selling skills, live prospecting and negotiation skills.

Why is sales training needed?

Sales training enables the learning of new skills and amplifies confidence that can have a significant impact on revenue for a business. This can allow you to feel motivated and empowered with your new found skills as a salesperson.

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