What Does an Executive Recruiter Do?

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Hiring for executive positions can be a very different experience from other roles. In an executive, you’re looking for highly skilled talent who can quickly adapt to a high profile role, and there is also more pressure when recruiting for this type of position. Making the wrong decision at the executive level can have severe repercussions on your company.

So how can you make the executive recruitment process easier? The answer is using an executive recruiter. These companies are highly trained in matching businesses to the top candidates, and using a service like this can dramatically reduce your risk of a bad hire.

When hiring executive talent, you want to be sure you’re making the right decision. Pareto can help your business achieve maximum productivity with your executive recruitment efforts by attracting the best people, conducting rigorous assessments and putting you in touch with only the most successful people.

What is Executive Recruitment?

This side of recruitment is all about hiring for senior roles in your company. Executives have a vital role within the hierarchy, as they make the company’s most important decisions.

They are also responsible for managing whole departments, meaning you’ll be looking for candidates that exhibit the right technical skills and have a flair for leadership. 

Some of the executive roles you might hire for include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Human Resources Development 
  • Chief Information Officer

Why Do You Need Help with Executive Recruiting?

It can often be difficult to hire these roles in-house, mainly because your HR team may not be capable of making hiring decisions for top-level positions. Additionally, these roles require expert skills and experience, which most candidates in the applicant pool will not have.

With these roles shouldering so much responsibility, making the wrong hiring decision for these top-level roles can have disastrous consequences for your company. With executives making key management and strategy decisions, an inadequate candidate will have a knock-on effect on how whole departments perform. 
In this case, an executive recruitment service can help you find exactly the right talent for your executive roles. These recruitment specialists will know how to seek out the top-performing candidates and screen them for the high-level skills and experience you’ll be seeking strictly for these roles. 

How is an Executive Recruiter Different? 

You might be wondering, why do I need a specialist executive recruitment service? Can’t I just use a regular recruiter for hiring for these roles?
Well, no. An executive recruiter can provide more value to your business than a simple hiring manager or headhunter. Their extensive networks mean they’re connected to some of the best talents in your industry, and they have the experience to know what you’re looking for in an executive hire to succeed. 
Compared with your in-house HR department, an executive recruiter will also stay objective in their search. When hiring so many candidates, you might fall into the trap of seeking the same type of candidates every time. Not only do you lose out on top talent this way, but your business is at risk of losing creativity and innovation.
An external executive recruitment service will stay objective while seeking out top-tier candidates, potentially bringing you forward-thinking and innovative candidates to the table.

What Will an Executive Recruiter Do?

With an executive recruiter, you can be sure that they handle the entire process from start to finish, starting with understanding the role you’re hiring for and the qualities your company looks for in candidates.
After that, an executive recruiter will develop a list of possible candidates for the role and thoroughly vet each candidate for suitability. Finally, they will understand your company inside-out and sell the position to the best candidates from an outsider’s perspective. 

How Do I Know When I Need an Executive Recruiter?

It may be a case of not attracting exciting talent with your job advert or your HR manager not having the right skills to hire for a senior position. You might be trying to fill a crucial role in your company that is necessary for your future business strategy. You need a candidate that gives you an edge over the competition. 
If this is the case, and your in-house HR department is struggling to find suitable candidates for executive roles, consider using an executive recruitment service. These specialists will know how to attract the right candidates and lift yourself above the competition with your hires. 
Pareto has over 25 years of experience in talent sourcing and recruitment, including executive recruitment. If you’re looking to fill executive positions in your company, we can connect you with the top talent. 

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