Simon Bucknall

You make your own opportunity/career path in sales. I was told at the Pareto assessment day - you get out what you put in.

Find out where our successful graduates were placed, where they are now and their views on our process

Which university did you attend, and what subject did you undertake?

I graduated from Oxford Brookes (also known as "the other, other, Oxford" as he likes to call it) with a 2:1 degree in Business & Economics. 

Who is your current employer?

Endava - a privately owned IT services company established in 2000. We develop, test and manage secure, high-volume, business-critical technical systems and digital solutions, for some of the world's leading companies across the Banking & Payments, Exchange, Insurance, Retail, Media and Publishing sectors.

When did you start your career?

February 2012. I moved over from England to New York to get involved with the Business Development in the US on behalf of Endava in March 2013.

Why did you choose sales as a career?

I had no idea what to do after finishing university and was looking at marketing roles (like everybody else), when a couple of people recommended sales. So I decided to go to a few interviews, and found I was really interested in it. There are a lot of transferable skills.

How did you find your experience of the Pareto recruitment and training process?

Fun! The assessment day was an enjoyable challenge and the training process was great for a good, starting base of sales knowledge alongside peers in the same boat.

What has been the biggest challenge for you, working in the sales environment?

Self-motivation while cold calling. It can be a tough process sometimes. In these calls I market and apply my knowledge of Endava’s delivery model, services and most importantly, sell clients into Endava’s unique culture.

What have you found to be the best part of your role?

The little victories – which are often on a daily basis, from the perfect e-mail, or getting that tough meeting in the books. Also sales presents a great opportunity to break personal targets and goals.

Is there any advice you’d offer to others considering a career in sales?

It’s what you make it. You make your own opportunity/career path in sales. I was told at the Pareto assessment day - you get out what you put in

How has your career progressed?

I started as a telemarketer in London, then after a year I moved to the recently opened New York office, where I continued telemarketing for a year, and then moved into the more senior BDM role, working on some key accounts.

How do you see your future developing?

With Endava, building up the New York office, and then maybe look at other cities/locations as the company grows. It’s a really exciting time for Endava and I am right in the middle of it!

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