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Founded in 2003, Ancoris is an award-winning Cloud Services Provider specialising in messaging, collaboration, unified communications, and enterprise security solutions. An early advocate of Cloud Computing, Ancoris empowers

businesses by reducing the cost and complexity of IT operations, helping them innovate and safely navigate the IT industry transformation from on-premise deployments to Cloud Computing.

What We Did

Ancoris had historically taken on experienced salespeople into their team, who oversaw the full sales cycle. Embarking on a new sales strategy, the company was looking to streamline its process and be more targeted in its prospecting. For this, they needed entry-level sales candidates, who would grow with the business. The Pareto process offered Ancoris exactly what they were looking for. Impressed by the thorough selection process and training we offer,

Ancoris came to us in February 2012 with the task of sourcing a single junior salesperson to work alongside the existing sales team. We sourced, assessed, and delivered the perfectly matched candidate, trained in the essentials, and ready to hit the ground running as part of the Ancoris team. Impressed by the performance of their existing graduate and looking to expand their sales team further, Ancoris returned to us in October 2012 with the task
of recruiting a further sales graduate.

Pareto sourced and matched potential candidates to the culture and needs of Ancoris, with the quality being so good
that the organisation made the decision to take on two graduates, increasing their order by 100%. Both were placed in November 2012.

The Pareto Effect

The introduction of Pareto sales graduates has seen Ancoris streamline and improve its sales process. With a more targeted approach, the company has seen a significant increase in pipeline and more effective profiling of prospects.

By bringing salespeople into the company at the entry level, Ancoris are now able to grow its sales team organically. All 3 graduates continue to progress within the company, with a vision to move into internal account management and field sales roles in the future. A partnership with Pareto can ensure Ancoris can continue to drive sales results and growth for their organisation.

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