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We are a UK market-leading project management recruitment agency with more than two decades of experience to our name. Throughout our tenure, we have been assessing, placing and training top talent globally, providing people and global businesses with the resources they need to realise their potential. When it comes to finding Project Managers, our Project Management recruiters are best placed to help connect your business with the top talent within your industry. So, are you ready to find your next Project Manager? If you're seeking new additions to your team, our talent pool can help your business reach your potential. Complete the form to request a callback, or speak directly to our Projects Solutions team on 033 3363 5263.

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Project Management Recruiters Defining Success With Scope

As an established Project Management staffing agency, we're well-versed in knowing the ins and outs of the role of a Project Manager. Responsible for planning, organising, and directing the completion of specific projects while ensuring delivery on time, on budget, and within scope; Project Managers are crucial to organisations that regularly take on assignments. 

Project Managers are involved in project planning and have a hand in testing and reporting. A Project Manager also defines roles and expectations and assembles a team to accomplish those goals.

Ultimately, a Project Manager is responsible for the success or failure of a launch, transition or goal.


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What is a Pareto Project Manager?



Project Managers must be competent in managing the six aspects of any project. 

These six aspects are:

  • Scope

  • Schedule

  • Finance

  • Risk

  • Quality

  • Resources


A permanent or temporary Project Manager will help companies:

  • Complete projects to a high standard

  • Coordinate different teams

  • Stay within budget and on schedule

  • Motivate employees

  • Deal with changes and transitions


A project manager will also be adept at using software, methods and strategies to bring a project to fruition in the most efficient way possible.

Choosing Pareto as Your Project Management Staffing Agency

Companies have been using traditional resourcing methods for far too long now. While each method comes with its own unique benefits, they are often expensive solutions that only cover the short-term future. 

With the cost of change increasing, Pareto has the solution to deliver your transformation and change needs. We only hire the brightest and most capable individuals to work on your change, transformation and digital projects. 

After six weeks of training, they will be deployed into your business. We ensure to equip each individual with the skills needed to make an immediate impact. Therefore, you can expect our Project Managers and PMO Analysts to be effective within your business transformation and change environment. In addition, each hire comes with the option to transition into your permanent workforce with no additional fees.

Use Pareto's Project Managers and PMO Analysts to help:

  • Meet your transformation and change needs

  • Receive immediate delivery capability for your projects

  • Future-proof your business with highly skilled individuals

  • Limit the reliance and cost of traditional resourcing models

  • Respond to requirements quicker than any alternative resourcing model

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When do I need to hire a Project Manager?


You should hire a Project Manager when your organisation is embarking on a big, new project or a significant transformation, such as updating systems and workflows to take you from SME to a corporation.

When launching a new venture, your permanent or temporary Project Manager will be more likely to be able to help if you have specific, measurable and achievable goals. For example, it's not enough to want your business to "grow" or develop a new product without knowing why.

If you need to hire a Project Manager to help a team transition smoothly from one way of working to another, they need to fulfil this goal through three process stages: planning, managing, and reinforcement.

Unlike your average Project Manager recruiting firms, when you hire with support from Pareto's Project Manager headhunters, you're getting a qualified individual who will be responsible for managing internal and external projects. 

Project Solutions Qualifications

As standard, all of our Project Solutions graduates receive the following qualifications. 

Each graduate completes the BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification, demonstrating their proficiency in analysing and improving business processes.

Graduates receive the APMG Change Management Foundation certification, equipping them with the skills to drive successful organisational change initiatives.

Graduates undertake the Prince2 Foundation certification, solidifying their understanding of project management principles and best practices.

Graduates are taught the Lean Six Sigma methodology, earning Yellow and White Belt certifications to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and enhance efficiency.

Graduates will attain the AIPGE Accredited Process Mapping certification, empowering them to map, analyse, and optimise business processes effectively.

What skills does a project manager need?


Good Project Managers need to react quickly, solve problems and teach others. Therefore, if you need to hire a Project Manager, you need an organised, focused, diplomatic and methodical person.

Project Managers act as leaders to prevent workers from getting distracted, so they need good people skills and the ability to communicate effectively. You should seek to hire a Project Manager who is experienced in keeping a department on track while making use of all available talent without creating frustration.

Additionally, Project Managers should have a great understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as insight into the strengths and weaknesses of others.

They should also understand the task and have good prior industry knowledge while being able to track, disseminate and interpret information vital to a project.

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