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We have been empowering people and businesses for over two decades, helping them realise their potential through our Change Management recruitment service. We specialise in assessing, placing and training top talent in roles in varying industries including IT, Fintech, manufacturing and more.

As a UK market leader in recruitment with a global reach, we are best placed to support your business - connecting you with passionate people who can future-proof your organisation.

We understand today's climate calls for more frequent change and transformation, and we are well-equipped to help your business transform and stay ahead of the competition. So, are you ready to find your next Change Manager? If you're seeking to add new additions to evolve your team, our talent pool can help your business reach your potential.

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Speak to our team

25 Years of Change Management Recruitment Experience

At Pareto, we've successfully supported global businesses with transformation and change for more than 25 years. Our specialist Change Management recruiters deeply understand what makes a great Change Manager and can help connect you with the top talent to help transform your business. 

A good Change Manager helps a team transition smoothly from one project or way of working to another. They fulfil this goal through three process stages: planning, managing, and reinforcement.

When your organisation enters a period of transformation, you should hire a project Change Manager to oversee the process. Change Managers can help you, and your team make big or small changes and negotiate the transition period as smoothly as possible.

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What is a Change Manager?

Change Managers are experts in transformation and change and can lead your organisation through high-stress changes. They are usually brought on board temporarily when an organisation faces a significant shift or product launch.

A Change Manager's responsibilities include the following:

  • Monitoring and supervising changes to business processes and systems

  • Anticipating changes by paying attention to industry news and developments

  • Ensuring departments and staff members embrace change

  • Making sure that change projects are implemented on time and within budget

  • Hiring a Change Manager is a good idea for any organisation–big or small–if growth is on the horizon

Need to hire a Change Manager?

Our Change Management recruitment team have access to a wide pool of talented Change Managers who can help take your business to the next level.

When do I need to invest in Change Management?

You should be seeking to hire a Change Manager when your organisation is considering digital transformation or another major operational change. Change Managers help to solidify the proposed changes, evaluate alternatives, reduce friction and help conduct the transformation smoothly.

Generally speaking, there are four main types of project change management. You should work out which one you need before you hire a Change Manager.

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  • Anticipatory change management means planning changes ahead of an expected outcome, for example, if a senior employee is expected to hand in their notice. 
  • Reactive change management happens when an unforeseen event occurs like a crisis situation.

  • Incremental changes involve minor day-to-day changes that need monitoring to avoid "scope creep". 

  • Strategic changes are put in place to affect the overall direction of an organisation, where brand new technology is implemented, or a management restructuring means a change in vision.

Investing in Change Management will make everyone's job in your organisation easier in all these situations.

What skills does a Change Manager need?

A good Change Manager needs to be able to react quickly, solve problems, and teach others. To ensure business change implementation is effectively managed, they must also have excellent organisational skills.

Change Managers will also need digital skills to utilise the necessary tools to help the job run smoothly. But, of course, this means that if your team is unfamiliar with using these tools, they must be taught how. This is why the right candidate also needs to have good people skills, especially in communicating new ideas.

When you hire a Change Manager, you will need to look for someone who can think on their feet and improvise to navigate the change process in the best way possible. Here at Pareto, our Change Management recruitment offering can be the solution you need to bring in the best Change Manager to empower your business.

Project Solutions Qualifications

As standard, all of our Project Solutions graduates receive the following qualifications. 

Each graduate completes the BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification, demonstrating their proficiency in analysing and improving business processes.

Graduates receive the APMG Change Management Foundation certification, equipping them with the skills to drive successful organisational change initiatives.

Graduates undertake the Prince2 Foundation certification, solidifying their understanding of project management principles and best practices.

Graduates are taught the Lean Six Sigma methodology, earning Yellow and White Belt certifications to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and enhance efficiency.

Graduates will attain the AIPGE Accredited Process Mapping certification, empowering them to map, analyse, and optimise business processes effectively.

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