Case Study

Autotask Case Study

Autotask is the world’s leading hosted IT business management platform, with headquarters in New York.

Autotask allows clients to automise and optimise their IT business from a single, cloud-based application.

What We Did

Autotask had ambitious plans for growth in response to increased business opportunities in the UK and Europe. They needed to expand their UK sales team with Pareto graduates, including a number with bilingual skills to push language versions of its software.

Originally, Autotask briefed us to supply two graduates, which we did in a matter of weeks. These graduates performed so well that the client requested three more. 

By the end of the first year of this partnership, six Pareto graduates were playing a pivotal role in the sales team. When the brief was issued to find a further eight graduates we ran a bespoke assessment day aimed at harvesting talent across London. Fifty potential candidates attended, with CEO Mark Cattini and Josette Valenti his VP of HR flying in from New York especially for the day, sending a clear signal about how seriously Autotask was buying into our process. All eight candidates were discovered on the day.

The Pareto Effect

Autotask eventually hired twenty Pareto graduates. Almost ten times more than they originally thought they would need. A factor not altogether disconnected with a 400% rise in international business. Four out of five of Autotask’s top performing sales team are from Pareto. Graduate recruit Fanni Szabo, from Pareto, was 225% of her yearly target just three months into the year.

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