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Cambridge Commodities Limited is a leading importer, distributor and manufacturer of nutritional ingredients and made-to specification finished products. Using the best ingredients and technical expertise, Cambridge Commodities prides itself on providing customers with quality products: delivering a wide range of health benefits in a variety of consumer products across the health, nutrition, cosmetics and sports industries. Since its foundation in the 1990s, Cambridge Commodities has grown rapidly and now hosts over 1400 product lines.

All three of our Pareto graduates are having a real impact on the business. Overall Cambridge Commodities has benefited from a 9% year on year growth in revenue.

Neil Hammill Financial Controller, Cambridge Commodities
Neil Hammill - Financial Controller, Cambridge Commodities

What We Did

When Cambridge Commodities Limited first approached Pareto, they were looking to fill a junior sales position and required Pareto’s services to source a single candidate of superior quality to match their needs.

Pareto sourced potential candidates through a generic assessment day, delivered in the Pareto London office. Pareto’s competency-based approach combined group tasks, face-to-face interviews and presentations, ensuring that high calibre graduates undertook a comprehensive process in order to identify that top 20% who would make 80% of the difference.

From those successful at assessment, Pareto identified four graduates matching the culture and requirements sought-for by Cambridge Commodities, who were then taken forward to interview. Cambridge Commodities was impressed by the high calibre all four of the graduates put forward for the role, and went on to fill the role as required.

Following this initial positive expeience, Cambridge Commodities returned to Pareto on several occasions over the following 14 months, taking on additional candidates to join their internally-based sales team throughout the year.

Having established a solid working partnership with Pareto, Cambridge Commodities has returned time and again to source top talent for their sales team, taking a total of 6 candidates over the course of 14 months.

The Pareto Effect is already having a significant impact upon the business. Since joining Cambridge Commodities, the Pareto graduates have contributed to a significant increase in the number of new accounts and business closure rates. Overall, Cambridge Commodities has benefited from a 9% year on year growth in revenue.

All candidates placed continue to perform within the business, with this 100% retention rate proving Pareto’s ability to successfully match candidates who meet the specific needs of the business time after time. Pareto and Cambridge Commodities continue to work in close partnership to source, assess and place top talent for the future of the business.

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