Case Study

Building a Coaching and Assessment Culture to Drive Performance

Discover how Tyl by Natwest used Pareto’s services to assess and train the leadership and sales team and build a coaching, observation, and support culture to drive conversion and sales performance. 

Global banking giant Natwest launched Tyl by Natwest in 2019. It is a merchant-acquiring platform that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to accept card payments efficiently.


  • Opportunity to embed a sales coaching culture
  • Limited observation or call monitoring culture
  • Reduce the need for repeat calls and increase conversion


  • The creation of an ongoing role-play and observation culture
  • Development of a quarterly internal accreditation program with a bronze, silver, and gold marking system
  • Increase of conversion rate from 17% in 2022 to over 21% YTD in 2024.
  • 2023 sales performance doubled from 2022

New Business, Similar Challenges

Tyl and Pareto began working together towards the end of 2022 when Lisa Range, the firm's Chief Commercial Officer, commissioned Pareto to start the sales training initiative. 

Lisa identified specific challenges within the Sales team, particularly a shortfall in employing a consultative sales approach. One noteworthy observation was the team's tendency to ask limited questions, assuming they had a sufficient understanding of the customer's needs. This approach provided customers with excess information, resulting in customer disengagement and loss.

The issue of 'feature dumping' also surfaced as a concern, causing customers to feel overwhelmed and, at times, dissuaded from further engagement. In response to these findings, there is a recognised need to reassess and refine the team's approach to customer interactions, emphasising a consultative and measured sales methodology to foster more constructive engagements.

The Solution

Provide a Customised Sales Training Program

Challenge - The sales team lacked communication, consultative, and conversion skills. 

  • Core Elements of the Sales Process

  • Implemented training across Sales and Leadership Teams

  • Participants engaged in a personalised, in-person two-day training session at the Tyl offices, gaining the expertise and abilities essential for the successful implementation of the post-program.

  • A one-day coaching session conducted on the sales floor, fostering positive workplace behaviors while also facilitating the implementation of skills and knowledge.

Leadership Team Development

Challenge - An inexperienced team and organisational skills gaps

  • Enhanced coaching skills within the leadership team

  • A two-hour Management Fast Track session aimed at ensuring understanding and effective integration of the sellers' training.

  • Implementation of the Management Skills Scan to facilitate the identification of skill gaps, strategise coaching, and plan for succession.

  • Two days devoted to performance management, fostering accountability and developing skilled, engaged sales professionals who are aligned with their plans and objectives.

  • This 1.5-day individual accreditation is focused on coaching and developing others, providing feedback and success plans to instil accountability for their personal management development.

Key Actions Developed Following the Sales Training Program:

  • Set Up Slack Chats- Slack chats were established for each cohort to facilitate ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This platform served as a space for exchanging best practices and discussions related to the training. 

  • Set up an Internal Accreditation -  Due to the success of the leadership accreditations, Tyl set up their own internal accreditation, running every quarter to help them understand the progress and development areas of the sales team.  

  • Presentations - As part of the accreditation, the team was asked to do a 10-minute presentation on what they had learned through the Pareto training, what they’d embedded so far, and what they were still working on. 

  • Recorded Observed Role Plays - The leader would first role-play with an internal leader observing and it being filmed. The leaders would then watch the video back and critique themselves. They would then discuss their critique with the trainer and senior leaders. This leads to a pass or fail result. 

  • Created Skills-Focused Observation Forms - Tyl updated their observation forms to reflect the skill progression and changes from the Pareto training. The gold, silver, and bronze scoring system was implemented to drive a ‘one and done’ approach, which helped to reduce the number of repeat calls to a lead and close the sale on the initial call. 

Due to the success of the accreditations, Tyl have continued to do these once every quarter and will follow the same format, assess the sales team’s skills, and ask the key questions - what are you still working on with your Pareto skills? What’s going well? What still needs improvement? 

The Results

This has been a significant shift in mindset for the business, as before Lisa joined the company in 2022, there were limited observations and no call monitoring, meaning there was little scope for making improvements and developing the sales team. 

One of the most significant positives from the training is the impact on conversion rates. Tyl's conversion target for 2023 was 19% across all lead types, up from 17% in 2022. While there were initial challenges in the early weeks, with conversion dropping to 15% while changes from the training were made and the team were trying to embed their new skills, the rate is now at 21%, exceeding the initial target. This increased conversion has led to Tyl doubling their sales vs 2022.

Furthermore, going into 2023, Tyl had an inexperienced team, with a third of the team brand new to the company. Following Pareto training, the team are heading into 2024 with more experience, confidence, and enhanced skills to continue to drive the conversation rate even higher and provide outstanding customer service.

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