Case Study

Russell Finex

About the Client

Russell Finex, a worldwide leader in sieving, screening and filtration, have been working closely with Pareto for a number of years now.

Their willingness to trust and develop upcoming talent led them to using Pareto’s services. Since then, the relationship has blossomed and we have now placed 13 candidates with Russell Finex.  

Jed Cubbin is one of those who was placed by Pareto around 12 years ago. We recently spoke to Jed and asked him some questions about his experience with Pareto’s assessment day and his time at Russell Finex.

How was your experience at Pareto’s assessment centre?

"After graduating around the time of the global economic crash, I was referred to Pareto by a friend. Although it was over 12 years ago, I can still remember my assessment day at Pareto being a positive experience. After successfully completing the original assessment day, I then went through a number of training courses with Pareto".

Did you learn anything interesting on the training courses provided by Pareto?

"My role primarily sees me responding to enquiries, something that lends itself to reactive selling, whereas much of what was covered could be attributed to proactive selling. Even though some of the topics were more applicable to my role than others, I found that the training courses gave me a well-rounded understanding of sales.

A part of the training course that I found great value in was learning about different negotiation skills, as it gave me the necessary knowledge to close deals".

Why did you want to join Russell Finex?

"When I was entering the workforce, Russell Finex were offering a flexible working opportunity. At the time, this was a rare and attractive prospect, whereby I got the chance to be out meeting clients for three or four days of the week and then working from home the rest of the time.

I was also intrigued by the fringe benefits on offer from Russell Finex. These include a generous end of year bonus and a final salary pension scheme".

What are the responsibilities involved in your job role?

"My role as a Sales Engineer for Russell Finex, requires me to sell manufactured separation equipment across the North West of England and parts of Wales.

My role commonly sees me responding to enquiries by email or over the phone. It’s my responsibility to process each enquiry in a timely fashion, before visiting the customers to establish their needs. I then provide a quote and oversee the delivery of each piece of equipment.

Once the sale has been completed, I make sure to keep in touch with my clients. Alongside my close location to many of my clients, this allows me to maintain a competitive edge over Russell Finex’s global competitors".

Is there an achievement that you are particularly proud of?

"I have been one of the forerunners in establishing the 3D printing market. After working closely with a key company in this sector, my colleagues and I have enabled Russell Finex to design and produce specific pieces of equipment for this industry.

My arrival at Russell Finex coincided with a new and improved company recruitment policy. With the company moving away from experienced engineers, in favour of vibrant, energetic salespeople, I was capable of revitalising and improving the sales record in my area during my first five years at Russell Finex which is something I am very proud of".

What is it about Russell Finex that has made you stay for 12 years?

"On top of a generous bonus scheme, commission structure, and pension setup, I enjoy the independent nature of my role. I like the fact that I’m judged on my own performance and I’m not micromanaged. This gives me a sense of trust that I find really motivating".

Do you have any advice for people who want to get started in a sales career?

"In my case, I entered the engineering industry without coming from that specific background. Therefore, to begin with, I would often encounter potential customers with far more knowledge and experience than me. I remained consistent with the stance that if I was ever asked a question that I didn’t know the answer to, I would admit it and get back to the client with the correct information. Ultimately, I maintain that honesty and hard work are pivotal in ensuring a successful sales career".

I have the belief that Pareto gave me the necessary foundation to begin a career in sales. Russell Finex is a great company to work for and I believe this has been highlighted by my extended service to the company. My favorite thing about the job is meeting new customers out on the road and the freedom that comes with it. I’m looking forward to seeing what my future holds.”

“With Jed, we could quickly see someone with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn – and with Russell’s in-house training combined with the wider courses provided by Pareto it was an ideal combination. He not only developed personally, he also played a key role in the development of the sales team going forward. As did Pareto!"