Case Study

SSC Laser Cutting

SSC Laser Cutting is a leading provider of laser profiling, scanning and CAD services, with offices across the UK.

Always at the forefront of new technology, SSC deliver quality and precise laser cutting services to clients, providing complete solutions for all their steel needs. 

What We Did

SSC had seen steady growth over the previous seven years, but not at the rate they had wanted. The market had become more and more margin focused, with competitors rising from just thirty in 1990 to over six hundred in 2011. SSC needed to increase their market share and do something different from the competition.

Rather than going down the usual route of securing the fastest and best kit in the marketplace, SSC decided to go in at the front end and focus on their sales and marketing, approaching Pareto with the task of delivering training for their sales team.

Between September and October 2011, Pareto delivered tailored training courses to Sales Estimators and Sales Managers at SSC. Pareto successfully standardised the sales process at SSC, changing the way they approached selling. In August 2012, SSC returned to Pareto with the requirement for sales graduates. Pareto found thirty graduates of the highest calibre, with SSC coming to view the assessment day and selection process. All required candidates were discovered on the day.

The Pareto Effect

Before training commenced in 2011, SSC had annual sales revenue of £5.1million. After bringing Pareto on board, this increased to £6.5million in 2012. 

Thanks to Pareto training, SSC staff are now confident in sourcing, qualifying and questioning their leads. This disciplined approach to lead generation and cold calling has seen the number of new clients increase dramatically, and activity levels of staff are also better than ever. SSC now work to the Pareto way of selling. With ambitious plans to grow from £6.5million to £30million over the next five to ten years, SSC see a consistent recruiting and training process as the key to continued sales success. A partnership with Pareto can deliver the results they need.