• Internal and field-based sales teams needed to develop an understanding of consultative sales techniques
  • All training had to be specific to Cogent’s operating model and customer persona
  • Need to drive business growth and maintain market leadership


  • Delivery of bespoke sales excellence course that enhanced upselling and cross-selling within key accounts
  • All training designed around Cogent’s unique customer base, with time spent auditing field sales executives
  • Pareto training helped Cogent’s sales teams to reach a 340% market share
  • Comprehensive, contextually-relevant delivery of product knowledge training
  • 60 salespeople total received comprehensive sales training, with catch-up cohorts for new partners
  • Revenue increased £600,000 YoY between October ‘21 and October ‘22

How Pareto Is Assisting Cogent in Achieving B2B Sales Excellence


Pareto’s training intervention has enabled Cogent’s salespeople to increase the organisation’s ability to cross-sell products and services to key accounts, resulting in a larger market presence on each ledger. This has since enabled the organisation to achieve its goal of a 340% market share, whilst improving internal relationships, engagement, and collaboration between teams.

“The training has been such a success that we’re continuing our relationship into 2023 and beyond, and see the sales excellence course as a fundamental part of all new starters’ training plans.”

Ultimately, Pareto’s bespoke B2B sales training course and the increased product knowledge of Cogent’s staff have contributed towards the organisation’s recent wins, including an increase in turnover by an additional £600,000 YoY between October 2021 and October 2022. 

Cogent continues its relationship with Pareto into 2023, with the company’s senior leadership choosing to continue to upskill their teams through our specialist learning and development programmes. With an eLearning and micro-learning project in the pipeline, Pareto seeks to offer the resources and interactive experiences which Cogent needs to maintain its continued market leadership.

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