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How Currencies Direct quickly expanded to the global stage with Pareto Law.

About the Client

Starting in 1996, Currencies Direct were the first money transfer provider to address the European market. Since then, we have expanded to the global stage and provide a reliable service that allows people to make international transfers in a secure fashion.

We offer simple, secure currency transfers with great rates, no transfer fees and expert support whether a client transfers online, over the phone or in branch. By improving the efficiency of your payments processes with a trusted partner, you can help to save your business a lot of time and money.


How Pareto Helped

Currencies Direct Spain engaged the services of Pareto to provide Sales Management training for our Senior Managers. Even though our offices are based in Spain, the global nature of Pareto’s business made them the ideal choice for us. As we wanted our staff to experience the benefits of face to face sales management training, we were delighted with the enthusiasm of Pareto’s associate, Rupert Flores and his delivery of the training.

The Sales Management course has helped us to continue creating a culture where expressing appreciation is the norm, while also allowing us to put a premium on authenticity. We feel it is important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable, candidly expressing both positive and negative emotions, as well as complimenting colleagues.

The Pareto Effect

Due to this course being aimed towards our more experienced sales staff, we were intrigued to find out how we could further develop the leadership skills of our senior managers.

The trainer was very inspirational, motivating and thought provoking. The course content was excellent and delivered in an environment that ensured everybody gained the maximum value from the course. There was a structured approach to the training, allowing for a wide range of topics to be covered. This led to some fantastic takeaways for our management team, which can be put into practice with immediate effect.

The Result

As well as being able to identify Management behaviours, we gained a greater understanding of how to engage with our teams and were then able to create a roadmap on how to develop them.

The course also encouraged our senior management staff to establish themselves more as mentors, while learning how to motivate their teams. As a result, the training contributed not only to improved sales results, but also to employee satisfaction, employee motivation and employee retention. We were happy to see that the training was thought-provoking and gave our managers a different perspective on how they can go about continuing to develop our teams.


The Sales Management training was an excellent course from which we learned much more than we expected over the two days. Rupert Flores has an excellent style of delivery, expertly mixing theoretical learning with real-world examples. His wealth of experience in sales and management tied in with his excellent method of teaching made for a very interesting and insightful experience.

I would also like to highlight how dynamic the sessions were. Due to the training being delivered in such an active and engaging way, Rupert gave us a lot to think about in terms of how we can improve our management style.  

The inspiring learning experience has reignited our love for Pareto and the services they offer. Because of this, I would gladly recommend Rupert and Pareto to anyone in the sales industry.

Peter Loveday Director, Southern Europe
Peter Loveday - Director, Southern Europe

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