Case Study


Dovetail is a financial technology market leader and innovator, established in 2000. It has continually stayed at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the competition as the transaction banking market has developed.

With an unrivaled customer base, including four of the world's largest transaction banks, Dovetail has grown strongly. With an ever-expanding list of global, regional, and local banks and payment service providers taking advantage of Dovetail's market-ready solutions, Dovetail is now firmly one of the world's leading payments and liquidity management vendors.  



What We Did

As Sales Director of his former company, Marc Philippo selected Pareto to the resource over 50 potential candidates to attend an assessment day. A final shortlist of 10 were finally selected for a new global inside sales team. The project was made complex due to the wide variety of language skills required. As a result of the success of the initiative, Pareto was once again selected to assist in finding further candidates when the programme was expanded. 

The relationship with Marc grew in 2014 where as Sales Director for Dovetail the decision was taken to implement an inside sales model. Following a rigorous recruitment process, the Pareto team recommended candidates matching the profile required by Dovetail. Individuals were selected and hired and quickly demonstrated their value as part of the new sales team.


The Pareto Effect

Pareto has built a long-standing relationship with Marc due to the effectiveness of the Pareto process which has proved to be a consistent and reliable way of generating candidates for his sales teams.  

After just one year working with Dovetail, the placed candidates have shown signs of excellence and innate sales skills. This put them in good stead for ongoing development into expanded sales responsibilities in 2016. Marc has emphasised that working with Pareto has made a landmark difference to the business. 

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