Case Study

Ethicon Endo-Surgery

A Johnson & Johnson Company

Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES), A Johnson & Johnson Company, develops and markets advanced medical devices for surgical procedures.

EES has the most technically competent sales organisation in the world. The team works to promote and demonstrate the EES medical devices at the hospital operating theatres around the world, under the guidance of Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, Michael Lynskey, who was placed by Pareto in 1996.

What We Did

Michael and his team have previously worked on a recruitment plan for hiring experienced candidates from within the industry; candidates with a medical background and qualifications. Although this has proven to be successful, Michael felt that there was more to be achieved. He decided to experiment with the graduate recruitment route, and Pareto provided the answer EES was looking for.  

EES first met with Pareto in 2004. Impressed by our approach to hiring graduates based on attitude and personality rather than experience and qualifications, the two companies soon formed a strong working relationship. The first Pareto graduate was hired that same year. Over the next three years we placed eighteen graduates with EES through a combination of bespoke and generic assessment centres. Once the right individuals had been hired, we provided the necessary training to develop a leading and successful sales team.

The Pareto Effect

EES wanted to change its approach to the recruitment process, refreshing the sales time while strengthening its leading position. With Pareto graduates in place, the company experienced growth in all of its territories, leading to record-breaking sales. 

Two of the Pareto graduates quickly went on to be awarded the title of ‘Newcomer of the Year – 2007’ at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endo-Surgery UK Sales Awards, just months after joining the company. In 2015 the company continues to work in partnership with Pareto, building on this success with an ongoing programme of graduate recruitment and bespoke training.

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