Case Study

Eurora Group

SaaS start-up Eurora Group provides innovative software and modern telematics solutions to support the Transport and Logistics industry. 

Established amid the pandemic, Nicholas Rogers and Matthew Turner created Eurora Group to tackle the critical conversation surrounding the need for businesses across multiple industries to transition to technology to help serve their customers better.

The Challenge

Despite its infancy, Eurora Group saw an increased level of new business. Although these client wins were hugely exciting for the company, the workload was starting to squeeze the team. Additionally, as their client base was growing rapidly, Eurora Group needed senior talent to focus on more complex tasks to cater to their client's needs and help expand the business. 

Not wanting to compromise on their excellent reputation for customer service, and before their resources problem turned into a significant issue, Eurora Group began their talent acquisition search. Nicholas and Matthew both had fantastic mentors during their careers, so when it came to forming Eurora Group, part of their values focused on developing young people. 

“We wanted to recruit someone with the raw talent who was hungry, who was keen to progress, who wanted to learn and that's what we got with Pareto’s Project Solutions.”
Nicholas Rogers, Managing Director, Eurora Group

The graduate Eurora Group were searching for would be needed to fill their Associate Implementation Consultant role. This a junior position with the responsibility of helping to onboard new businesses through Eurora Group's workshop stage, where they analyse their client's business process, discuss change management and demonstrate how Eurora Group's software can meet the client's needs.

However, due to the complexity of the position they needed to fill, Eurora Group needed help finding the right candidate and recruitment provider to support them with their needs. After exploring other avenues, Eurora Group was approached by Pareto. 

The Pareto Effect

Our Pareto account manager, worked closely with Nicholas to understand his business needs, short- and long-term objectives and the type of individual he was in the market for.

After scoping the market for the candidates that best suited the criteria set by the client, we presented Eurora Group with a shortlist of three candidates best suited and supported with a three-stage interview process. The recruitment process was completed within four weeks, and as part of our Project Solutions model, Eurora Group were given the option to take the successful candidate on temporarily, with the option for permanent placement - a perfect option for their start-up business.  

“Pareto’s Project Solutions model has helped to double our internal resources and increase our client intake.”
Nicholas Rogers, Managing Director, Eurora Group

The Results
Discover how our Project Solutions model generated fantastic results for Eurora Group. 

  • The candidate has adapted to the role quickly and taken on a significant workload 
  • The new hire has freed up the time of senior staff members 
  • Eurora has since doubled their internal resource
  • Eurora increased its average client intake from 1 client per month to 2-3 clients per month
  • Eurora has been able to focus on building an internal progression plan 

We at Pareto would like to thank Eurora Group for speaking to us, and we look forward to the future of our partnership.

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