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Wood Mackenzie

Utilising the Apprenticeship Levy to Exceed Revenue Growth Targets

Wood Mackenzie is the global insight business for renewables, energy and natural resources. Driven by data and powered by people. They cover the entire supply chain with unparalleled breadth and depth, backed by over 50 years’ experience in the global energy and natural resources markets.

In the middle of an energy revolution, businesses and governments are faced with a generational opportunity: to lead the transition to a sustainable future. Wood Mackenzie’s trusted team is made up of over 2,000 experts across 30 global locations who inspire the decisions of energy producers, nation states, financial institutions and utilities companies. They deliver the real-time analytics, consultancy, events and thought leadership they need to separate risk from opportunity and make inspired decisions when it matters most.


  • An experienced sales team required support to hit their targets
  • Organisation struggled to fully utilise apprenticeship levy funds
  • A lack of junior sales talent


  • Through training and coaching in sales enablement, revenue growth exceeded targets
  • Provision of Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship, helping to drive growth and plug skills gaps within the business
  • 17 graduates were successfully placed with the organisation across their UK and US sites, following Pareto’s training and recruitment initiatives
  • 6 candidates that have been placed have already gone on to secure promotions with Wood Mackenzie

From Hiring for Experience to the Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Wood Mackenzie began their relationship with Pareto in 2021, with the desire to fully utilise their apprenticeship levy funds and begin drawing in new talent. With a team of over 2000 employees spread across 30 locations worldwide, they have plenty of experience to rely on. Now, having hired for experience for almost 50 years, they looked for assistance in acquiring fresh talent. This was for a range of roles, from account management to sales, marketing, research, and data. 

Like many firms, Wood Mackenzie was unaware of the range of apprenticeship options available that focused on sales skills, such as the Sales Executive Level 4 apprenticeship. This course covers the fundamentals through to advanced skills which result in sales – and customer service —excellence. 


Like many organisations with the age and prestige of Wood Mackenzie, business leaders found that whilst their experienced sellers had the time-served competencies and ability to generate new business, there were areas of underperformance, namely, the management of their extensive client base. With sights set on continued, sustainable growth; primary commercial drivers for Wood Mackenzie were customer retention, and a desire to find people with strong academic backgrounds and ambition, with an enthusiasm to present themselves—and Wood Mackenzie—in the best light. 

Vice President of Human Resources, Simon Borisewitz, noted that he wanted to “tap into a pool of driven, smart individuals, who possessed the ability to learn quickly.” Alongside this, the organisation was keen to contribute efforts towards diversifying the, often traditional, energy industry. An initiative they’d always aimed towards with their global employee base. 

“I was always interested in doing something… with leveraging apprenticeships, but I hadn’t found a chance to use them. I felt it was an opportunity to offer a different route into Wood Mackenzie… this was an opportunity to look at a way of sourcing ambitious, driven talent.”

Simon Borisewitz, Vice President of Human Resources

The Solution

Through their broad base of graduate and apprenticeship-level talent, Pareto was able to provide a recruitment and training solution that complemented their existing hiring philosophy. 

"All the leaders... who have got involved in the apprenticeship programme have been really proud to be a part of it... Nobody at a senior level really would be where they are today if somewhere, somehow, someone had not seen raw talent in them and given them an opportunity to progress and be successful."

Candidates were supported through every step of the process and had a clear example of what good looked like, helping them to implement scheduling and diary-keeping activities which gave them time to dedicate to their studies, whilst still enabling them to be successful in completing the day-to-day duties of their roles. 

They were interviewed for attitude instead of expertise in the energy or materials industries. This allowed them to bring in talent who had studied in completely different fields and were ready to kick-start their career with a global name in market and risk analytics, supported at all times by Pareto’s experts in learning and development. 

This gave them a solid grounding in time management, sales planning and preparation, and scheduling, ensuring they could build a value-added proposition for existing customers and prospects alike. 

This enabled them to possess a comprehensive set of skills that are vital to career success.

From Sales Executive Apprenticeship to Realising their Expert Potential

All graduates from the first intake have gone on to receive promotions within the firm, enabling them to continue to support the business needs of their clients and internal stakeholders. 

The Sales Executive Apprenticeship has enabled them to lay the foundation for achieving their future goals and supporting the organisation to exceed their revenue targets, with robust progression pathways in place to ensure that the risk of attrition is minimised. 

This acts as a strong employee value proposition for Wood Mackenzie, with candidates at all levels—from fresh graduates to time-served executives with a wealth of experience—admiring the company for their commitment to skills development and career mobility. 

With strong retention statistics, our relationship with Wood Mackenzie continues to be an impactful means of attracting and retaining a diverse pool of ambitious talent.

"Employees stay because they see a great career potential for themselves, and it says something great for the business that you want to grow your own talent, and invest in your team for the future."

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