Employers struggling to find good Graduates for jobs.

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The Association of Graduate Recruiters has found nearly a quarter of employers are struggling to fill their posts with quality graduates, despite an increase in the number of vacancies. 

The AGR’s report found that the number of vacancies for graduates has increased this year by 17%, meaning there are more opportunities for entry-level candidates, however students have been suggested to choose their degrees carefully after the twice-a-year report also warned nearly 23% of employers had unfulfilled positions at the end of 2013.

This has prompted more employers and universities to make students aware about their choices of studies and their future careers as, according to Stephen Isherwood, Chief Executive of AGR, “there is a mismatch in the graduate labour market between the supply of students and the demands of employers.”

According to the government the increase in graduate roles shows optimism in the British business sector growing.  A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: "This increase in the number of graduate vacancies is yet further demonstration of the growth in confidence of British businesses.

"There is an increasing number of students entering higher education, and evidence across the sector suggests that employers recruiting from university and higher education have found the large majority of graduates to be well or very well prepared for work."

Graduate starting salaries are also increasing to £27,000 on average, a rise of £500 from last year.  This could possibly help attract the correct calibre of candidates to graduate positions including the wealthiest of graduate positions such as investment banking or fund managers where the salary can be a high as £43,500.

Isherwood comments "The rise in vacancies and salaries shown in our summer report is fantastic news for graduates, and it is encouraging to see that employers are able to invest in graduate talent in this way.

"However, this doesn't mean the job market is easy.

"There are still unfilled graduate vacancies as employers are not always able to find the right people, with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes, for the job.

"Graduates must ensure they really do their research, target their applications and ensure their CVs do them justice if they want to be in with a good chance of securing a place on a graduate scheme following university."

With A level results due on 14th August students are being advised to consider the potential outcome their university courses will lead them to including financial rewards.

Josh Edwards, Head of Graduate Management at Pareto comments: “It is essential for graduates and even undergraduates considering their future roles, to do their research into the level of skills required for their prospective jobs.  It is difficult for young adults to make definitive decisions about their future before entering higher education, but by researching into the quality of jobs available at the end of their studies, they will be more equipped and prepared for the graduate roles.”

“As an employer we do set high standards for our candidates and this must be challenging when students face our recruitment process, however this does ensure we have the highest calibre of graduates recruited for our clients.  Company’s are offering fantastic salary’s and benefits and we do find this motivates the graduates more into proving themselves for the roles.”

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