Entering the world of digital apprenticeships

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Having recognised businesses ongoing need for digital professionals, Pareto have decided to take the leap into the world of digital apprenticeships.

As society and businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, there has been an influx of new, digital-focused roles in recent years. And with it comes a need for talented individuals to fulfil the demands of these vacant positions.

Here at Pareto we recognise that need, which is why we have made the decision to further extend our services into the digital world. Seen as a productive way to cope with the growing digital skills shortage, apprenticeships help businesses to develop the skilled professionals they need. Therefore, instead of competing to hire experienced and often costly digital professionals, businesses can plug their skills gap for the long-term future by making use of digital apprenticeships.

Why Pareto’s digital apprenticeships?

We have been delivering high quality training for over 25 years now, which means we know a thing or two about developing employees’ careers. We have worked with some of the leading businesses around the world, helping them to upskill and inspire their employees. We always maintain an enthusiasm to provide the necessary level of support to facilitate the growth of each learner so they can realise their potential.   

Also, as we already have experience when it comes to delivering a wide range of Sales, Leadership and Management apprenticeships, stepping into the world of digital apprenticeships isn’t a daunting leap for us. In fact, just like our original apprenticeship offerings, the new digital and IT apprenticeships provide employees with a guided learning pathway they need to kickstart a successful career. 

What digital apprenticeships do Pareto offer?

Realising the different intricacies in the digital world, we provide a whole host of digital apprenticeships. The course contents cover a range of specialties including software, data and IT. Our digital apprenticeships are tailored to varying levels of experience and ability, meaning they are assigned with either a level 3 or 4 qualification. The level 3 apprenticeships will generally take between 15-18 months to complete, while most of the level 4 courses will take up to 24 months. Here are the digital and IT apprenticeships we offer and what the apprentices can expect to learn from each one: 

Information Communication Technician: With this level 3 apprenticeship apprentices will learn how to install software upgrades, evaluate system performance, identify solutions with system data and use basic scripting to execute tasks.   

IT Solutions Technician (Software Solutions Pathway): This level 3 apprenticeship will enable apprentices to work at any stage of software solutions cycle, install and configure software systems components and write or maintain simple codes. 

Software Development Technician: By undertaking this level 3 apprenticeship apprentices will gain an understanding of how to write code for discrete software components, support the development of effective user interfaces and the creation of simple software documentation. 

Data Technician: Ideal for those who want to get started with a career in data, this level 3 apprenticeship covers a range of technical skills including data gathering, data analysis and data security. 

Digital Support Technician: This level 3 apprenticeship is suited to employees who are responsible for maximising the productivity of digital office technologies, communications and information systems to achieve business objectives.

Network Engineer: With this level 4 apprenticeship apprentices will learn how to install and test appropriate network components, analyse network performance data, solve network issues and carry out network upgrades. 

Software Developer: Like the Software Development course, this level 4 apprenticeship will inform apprentices of how to produce logical and maintainable code, create software designs, apply algorithms, logic and data structures and communicate software solutions to stakeholders. 

Data Analyst: Similarly to the Data Technician course, this level 4 apprenticeship is all about data, just for those who are slightly further along in their careers. Apprentices can expect to become accustomed with the data analysis lifecycle, data analysis tools and a variety of analytical techniques.

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