New York, New York: Pareto launches US presence for 2015!

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Pareto marks its 20th anniversary year with exciting plans to build on proven success within international markets as the company proudly announces the opening of its first-ever international office in New York this week.

The decision follows several successful US recruitment and training campaigns undertaken over the past 3 years, including a long-term recurring recruitment drive for international software giants MicroFocus, who have taken 40 graduates through Pareto to be placed across the country within offices in Troy, California, Seattle and more.

2014 also saw Pareto deliver on challenges set for Florida, New York and even Singapore, achieving 52 placements against a tight specification that included bilingual academics and high-achievers with a keen interest in finance. The success of these campaigns, managed from home-ground within the UK, paves the way for an extremely exciting year as Pareto begins to penetrate the US market from its newly-established New York base.

Pareto takes to New York

The US initiative will be spearheaded by Pareto Senior Business Development Manager Richard Griffin, whose extensive experience across Pareto includes stints in Graduate Management, Sales and Training, offering an invaluable skill set to launch the Pareto concept state-side. Supported by fellow Pareto-ee Susannah Haneef, the duo transferred across the Atlantic in January and is backed by a network of highly experienced team, with the vision and goal to bring the Pareto Effect across the US.

“After 20 years of business, it is a true indication of our proven ability and flexibility that Pareto is now crossing the Atlantic to drive growth within the US market,” CEO Jonathan Fitchew remarks.

“We started with a simple concept – bringing that top 20% to business organisations. Since our inception, we have evolved and expanded to an astounding degree. Our model is not only unique, but proven to deliver: and we are excited to start out on this new challenge and see what opportunities the US will bring for Pareto.”

Pareto is recognised as a UK leader in the field of graduate sales recruitment, sales training and development, offering a 360-degree solution to driving sales performance within B2B organisations. With experience across a vast range of industry verticals and within organisations from SME level through to global blue chip, Pareto is ideally placed to respond to the growing demand for professionalised and highly skilled sales talent within the US.

Operating from a base within New York, the new team will source top-level graduate sales talent and run regular assessment days, taking a competency-based approach to identifying that top 20% to be placed within entry-level sales roles throughout the US. Pareto’s modular sales training programme will also be delivered, building on the rapidly-expanding training division which has also seen tremendous international growth over the past 12 months.

“Whilst this will be an exciting new venture for Pareto to hold a physical presence within the US, it is far from new territory for us,” Senior Business Development Manager  Richard Griffin comments.

“Our UK teams made the move to US hours and overcame significant cultural, language and time barriers to successfully deliver some huge bespoke projects across 2013/14, and the results spoke for themselves. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to build on that success and show the US what Pareto can do.”

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