Pareto’s new partnership with Intercity Technology

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Changing the way that companies operate, Intercity Technology excel in providing the exact solutions needed to reach and exceed objectives. In order to maximise technology investments they continually train to ensure that staff are up to date on how to benefit from their new tech. Delivering new infrastructures, securing environments and mobilising businesses; Intercity Technology enable companies to dominate their current markets and expand globally.



Working in partnership with Intercity, the team at Pareto are working hard to create a team of specialist sales graduates with an abundance of creative flair, talent and drive. We are extremely excited to be working with Intercity and view this as a fantastic opportunity for all involved. With over 20 years of success in building accredited B2B sales academies we pride ourselves on finding the perfect candidates – suited to each individual company. Holding bespoke assessment days allows us to highlight the relevant skills and personality attributes of those who will excel in the Intercity environment. Pareto provide the optimal setting for enthusiastic and eager graduate candidates to show their worth beyond pure academia. Intercity will experience the dynamic and varied environment of an assessment centre - viewing their potential candidates approach to reasoning, people and relationship building. Following this, the bespoke training offered to each successful candidate has been tailored on years of experience within the sales industry. With a mix of classroom based learning, interactive sessions and substantial opportunities for further growth, Pareto graduates start their careers fully equipped to deliver not only fresh thinking and innovation, but instant impact and incredible ROI. We are looking forward to seeing exactly how far our new Pareto graduates can go. 


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