Pareto's Tash & Kate celebrate 10 Years with the business

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Wednesday 17th July marked a milestone for two of Pareto’s key figures as they celebrated an astounding 10 years of working within the business.


Kate Ramsay, Northern Sales Director and Natasha Henderson, Account Director, both from the Pareto head office in Wilmslow, were recognised in a day-long celebration of their contribution and achievements since entering Pareto in 2003. Both came into Pareto as entry-level graduates, beginning in the company’s London office as Trainee Account Managers, and have since progressed rapidly through the organisation, enjoying fruitful careers over the past decade.



birthday breakfast for the Pareto girls

The surprise celebrations opened with champagne breakfast complete with croissants and fresh fruit in Pareto’s own staff kitchen for the pair, although expectant mum Tash was seen raising a glass of orange juice as an alternative to the alcoholic offering! Meanwhile office decorations were matched with personalised cards and messages from across the business, many of whom have shared the privilege of working with the pair for many years. A presentation later in the morning saw the entire business gather to extend congratulations, while Managing Director Jonathan Fitchew and CEO Andrew Sawer came forward to share memories and express their gratitude to both ladies for their input and role in helping to shape the success of Pareto over the past 10 years.

CEO Andy recalled Kate’s first day to great amusement from all listeners, painting the picture of an eager graduate keen to start earning before neglecting to turn up for her first day after a heavy night celebrating her new position, while MD Jonathan mused that his impression of ‘tiny Tash’ was that of a schoolgirl participating in work experience, rather than a graduate entering into her first full-time position. Both then went on to consider the numerous achievements and success of Tash and Kate.

“Every job Kate has done, she’s done to excellence,” CEO Andy commented.

“Most recently she’s done a fantastic job up here as Sales Director, and we’re grateful for her 10 years and everything she’s brought to Pareto.”

“Tash was our first ever resourcer when we created the role, and now she successfully carries the largest target individually of everyone in the business. She’s a testament that if you want anything enough, you can make it here at Pareto.”

Both ladies were subsequently presented with a personalised cake, complete with their own miniature figurines, before receiving their own gifts in recognition of their years of service: taking the form of a Cartier watch for Kate and a Chanel bag for Tash. The pair concluded their day with a 7-hour long “lunch” with senior management.

CEO Andy gives speech about Kate and Tash Tash and Kate's cake










Kate and her Cartier watchWriting to the whole of Pareto, Kate summarised her experiences working within the business:

“10 years at Pareto.  I can’t believe it but definitely remember every exciting, challenging and hilarious moment.  What a blast!  I hope that Andy summed it up well with his comments on my career and success as if I’ve given to Pareto half of what it’s given to me then I’m pretty chuffed.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my way.  Andy, Jonny, Mark, Skelly and Nicole were the ones who spotted I could probably do this job and albeit I might be a handful I’d probably be worth keeping so I thank them for that.  Thank you to all of my team but a particular thanks to Wiles who has had the rockiest and the most rocking times with me over the years.  Roll on the years of Northern success!”



Tash and her Chanel bagMeanwhile, Tash responded with the following:

“Thank you for all your lovely messages, and it has been a absolute pleasure to have worked with you all over the last 10 years, still cant believe how quickly it has gone, although at times felt like a lifetime! Thank you to Nicole for spotting me at the assessment day and Andy and Johnny for letting me move office a million times, you have been fantastic.”

Both ladies continue to enjoy success within the Northern Pareto office in Wilmslow, although the business will bid a temporary farewell to mum-to-be Tash who is currently expecting her first baby and will take maternity leave later this year. 

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