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Change and transformation projects are needed to evolve the landscape of a business. But, every company has different needs, expectations, and outcomes they want to achieve, so each project has the potential to be different to the next.

Change and transformation projects are needed to evolve the landscape of a business. Every company has different needs, expectations, and outcomes they want to achieve. This means each project has the potential to be different from the next.  

Your business might need to install small adaptations to achieve your desired results. But, there might be a need for a complete transformation, which could lead to a major business change. This could result in changes to infrastructure, business processes and supply chain. 

To reshape an organisation, larger-scale transformations rely on a change in behaviour. Digital transformations are an example of this. They have become increasingly common due to the continued reliance on emerging technologies. So, to keep up with modern operating practices, businesses take on transformation projects.

Then again, your business might be up-to-date and performing well. So, you might not see any reason to make a change. This might leave you asking, why are change and transformation projects even necessary? 

Change and transformation projects are necessary to sustain the success of a business. Whether because of market developments, changes to legislation, business objectives or rising costs. They are essentially carried out to ensure the growth of a business.  

It's clear that change and transformation projects can take place for reasons that are unique to the business. That’s why change projects are always happening. In fact, it’s estimated that the average worldwide organisation has made five major changes over the last three years. There looks to be no let up to this trend, as three-quarters of them are expecting to make further changes soon. 

With these projects being so common you might expect most of them to result in a roaring success. But, most projects fall short of the mark and fail to achieve their original intentions. 

Why do so many change and transformation projects fail?

Despite how often change and transformation projects occur, their success is shockingly low. In fact, 70% of change and transformation projects fail to reach their goals. 

That's why it’s essential to be aware of the common challenges and pitfalls so you know to avoid them.  You need to make sure your project doesn't result in failure starts before it begins. In the planning stages, you don't want to underestimate the time it can take for the changes to come into effect. 

It's also a natural tendency for people to resist change. This means your project can be dismantled from within your organisation. It might be hindered by company politics or complacency. Either way, it’s unlikely that your employees will be trying to stop the changes from happening. Still, you will need to set an example of how to maintain the changes with your own behaviour.   

As you might have realised, unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Because of this, each project should be seen as an ongoing process, which needs to be actively maintained for it to be a long-term success.

How to make your change and transformation project a success 

Ensuring a successful change always starts with solid preparation. Here, you need to set out what you want to achieve. You should be setting ambitious goals, but ones which are also realistic.

Achieving and then maintaining the changes demands the right mindset. There needs to be a shared vision. Everyone has to push in the same direction at all levels of the organisation.  Your leadership team will play a crucial role in making sure everyone stays engaged with the process. They will have to adopt new behaviours and potentially change the way they work. This is so those around them do the same and the effects of the changes are maintained. 

As with any project, you will need a committed team to lead your transformation. Now, this can come from within your organisation. Yet, this is where companies fall down, as they lack the personnel and skills to put the changes into place. This is where bringing in external support can help. With this method, you will gain access to professionals with specialist skills. This is especially true with digital transformations. Here, you will need someone with the right digital skills to ensure an efficient process. 

Why Pareto’s Project Solutions? 

If you want to take on your own change and transformation project, but you need help to do so, then look no further. Here at Pareto, we help organisations deliver their change, transformation and digital projects.  

You might be wondering what makes us so different from traditional resourcing models. Well, for a start, our Project Solutions service is significantly more cost-effective. We also like to operate with a flexible model to meet your specific business and project needs. We assess and then train the top graduate talent for 6 weeks. We then deploy them to a business that’s in need of their unique skills. 

There's also the opportunity to turn our emerging talent into a permanent employee. You are essentially creating a future talent pipeline for your business. Here's a list of highly trained professionals that can help you achieve your change goals:

Project Managers and PMO Analysts 

Project Managers and PMO analysts are often tasked with updating systems and workflows. They are essential for businesses looking to embark on a transformation. They help you to evolve from one way of working to another. This will happen in three stages, planning, managing and reinforcement. This will allow the change to occur seamlessly.  

Change Managers 

Change Managers are typically brought in by businesses to oversee major changes. They will quite often check changes to processes and systems, and make sure that employees are adapting to the changes. They will anticipate changes by keeping an eye on industry news. Of course, the changes enacted will vary from one business to another. Change Managers will also maintain the changes to ensure a smooth transformation. 


Business Analysts 

Business Analysts make use of data analytics, IT and industry insights to help businesses become more efficient. Before anything, Business Analysts evaluate the risks and rewards of the proposed changes. They suggest alternatives and reduce friction, so an effective transformation can take place. 

Do you need skilled individuals for your change and transformation project? If you do then make sure to check our Project Solutions page for more information.  

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