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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Every day, your sales team is bombarded with rejection. They’ll hear ‘no’ far more often than ‘yes’, and this can be a problem for team morale. Whilst you may already possess a strong reward and recognition programme, here’s the industry round up of the tried and tested successful ways to keep your team achieving their goals:

1) Get to know what praise means to your team

We all like praise for a job well done, but understanding how your team want to be praised can boost self-esteem and demonstrate an understanding of the team member. Whether they prefer a quick email, or a more public demonstration, understanding how to praise your team is essential.


2) Clear goals or SMART targets

Offering your employees achievable, but challenging targets are essential to a motivated and positive team. Transparent targets allow employees to monitor and motivate their own progress. Clear goals also provide employees with a framework for translating the wider goals of the organisation.


3) Host skill sharing sessions

If your organisation doesn’t have a culture of sharing knowledge, then you, and your team might be missing out on untapped resources. Improving your culture of sharing can develop not only a strong employee bond, but also build faster solution time to problems.


4) Team bonding days

Strong team bonding sessions can build an engaged and sustainable workforce. Investing in team bonding days can encourage employee recognition and wider team success.


5) Chat with them regularly

It sounds basic, but catching up with your team regularly is essential. Getting to know your team and their personalities and work styles will build a sense of trust and community within your business.


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Alternatively, if you feel your team require more strategic investment, you can look at sales training. Sales training can equip staff with the skills required to face rejection. We’ve been training salespeople for 20+ years, know how to motivate and get the best from them. To find the skills gaps in your team, you can take our two minute quiz here.


Motivating Your Sales Team


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