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With Pareto as your Vice President of Sales search partner, we will help your business realise its potential. For over two decades, we have successfully found and placed Vice President of Sales roles across various businesses. We have an extensive network of more than 50,000 sales and commercial leaders in the UK and across the globe. Complete the form to request a callback, or speak directly to our executive search team on 0371 454 3497.

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Speak to our team

Let Pareto's executive search team source the best Vice President of Sales for your business. Finding the right Vice President of Sales for your business is vital to business growth.

What skills should you look for in a Vice President of Sales 

Your Vice President of Sales needs to be a leader. They must be passionate and seek unique opportunities to develop strategic relationships, ensuring the highest value for your business.

At Pareto, we will find your next VP of Sales who can empower your people and business to realise their sales potential. We’re keen to see our placements make a difference in the world, that’s why we operate by the 80-20 approach - source and train the top 20% of sales professionals, who make 80% of the decisions in corporations across the world.

With over 25 years experience, candidates return to us at different parts of their journey. Graduates and Apprentice’s who received valuable training previously, return to Pareto as their trusted consultants when they’re ready for senior-level appointments. 

Find out how the Pareto advantage can help with your Vice President of Sales Search by contacting our executive team.

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