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Drive your profits with our tailored training program - Accelerate

We've been helping businesses to unlock their potential for over twenty-five years. We specialise in designing bespoke sales training programs for your sales team, tailored with your profits in mind. 

We have partnered with market-leading organisations around the world, across a huge variety of industries from manufacturing through to FinTech. Through years of experience, and with a proven track record of success, we've designed our four-step programme, Accelerate.

We Audit, Align, Attain Accredit your business to fast-track ROI. This process allows us to identify and implement business-critical changes to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of your sales team.

We know that it is fundamental to first assess the areas needing support within your business, which is why the first step in our four-step process is to conduct a full audit of your business to reveal gaps and strengths and provide objective feedback & recommendations.

Bespoke Sales Training by Industry

For a multinational business, finding the right training programme tailored to your industry will enable your business to improve it's conversion rate, increase revenue from existing accounts and drive new business. At Pareto, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class sales training across many different industries. 

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Our tailored sales training is driven by results

We view training as an investment in your staff which should deliver against set KPIs. This is why our bespoke training solutions are developed with KPIs established from the outset. Our Commercial Output Document allows us to record these KPIs early on and track your businesses' performance following our intervention. This ensures a substantial and meaningful ROI for our clients.

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase revenue from current accounts
  • Drive new business
  • Improve cross-selling, upselling & strategic sales method
  • Increase profits & margins, gaining maximum ROI
Our tailored sales training is driven by results
Delivering World-Class Sales Training Across the Globe

Delivering World-Class Sales Training Across the Globe

For a multinational business, finding an effective, experienced worldwide training provider who speaks multiple languages and understands the nuances of local sales cultures is an everpresent challenge.

Pareto's Global Solutions team have successfully designed and delivered training programmes in a multitude of countries across the world. Wherever your sales teams are based, we are able to provide a solution.

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Our Accelerate Process


  • We assess sales and sales management teams to industry standards of excellence
  • We reveal gaps and strengths and provide objective feedback & recommendations
  • We create bespoke development solutions to your commercial strategy & objectives

Firstly, our experienced team will assess where your business needs support. We will discuss your business goals and objectives, as well as assess your team's current output. Then, we will support you in understanding how you can drive your profits up through training, as well as providing detailed, individual and group level feedback, giving you a heat map of competence levels, and recommendations.


  • We align competencies and measures to your Commercial Vision & Objectives
  • We commit to programme KPIs and a SHARED REWARD model
  • We support you in maintaining a healthy sales culture to deliver long term change

This process has been designed to ensure that both you and your team get the most out of our training. We have a proven track record of success, coupled with over twenty years’ experience in the sales sectors, across a vast number of industries. As well as the above package, you also have access to our first-class aftercare service.


  • We deliver a targeted and tailored development strategy aligned to deliver commercial excellence
  • We coach your managers to enable long term change across the sales team
  • We work on real-life challenges, issues and opportunities to ensures deliverables are practical and impact ROI

The next step is focused on training and developing your team. We deliver first-class training that is designed for return on investment. This training is completely personalised, using real-life role-play scenarios to ensure that your team really understand both the approach and objectives clearly.


  • We have a robust approach to ensure change sticks & delivers ROI
  • We ensure skills and behaviours are integrated into working life
  • We offer accreditations for managers & sales executives
  • We work on behavioural & empirical evidence and live case studies

We help you build a personalised accreditation programme, designed to encourage leadership development and high performing leaders. We also offer assessment and accreditation right across entry-level to leadership positions. This ensures successful long term talent and promotion planning, as well as being a motivational tool to support your current staff.


Since the training Corptel have achieved +20% year on year growth as the sales team have embraced the techniques and etiquette that was taught by Pareto Law.

Jonathan Davies Sales Office Manager
Jonathan Davies - Sales Office Manager

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