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Powerful and focused construction sector sales training courses.

If your company is operating within construction, you will expect any training courses for your sales team to be clearly focused on the current and future requirements of your industry, which is why, here at Pareto we can deliver bespoke training programmes as well as more general ones to aid in your sales training. We have a team of highly-experienced experts in all the key Sales Training disciplines to ensure that you are getting training that is right for you.

We offer a variety of open courses, all designed to train you in a different aspect of sales so that you can learn different strategies and apply them to your business. Additionally we can tailor a training programme specifically to your organisation, starting with your business objectives and existing sales performance indicators. We will clearly identify the key areas for analysis, allowing us to then flag-up and comprehensively target any significant gaps in the knowledge and skills of your workforce.

Using the renowned Pareto Effect approach, we create and deliver courses, rich in content, which allows each of your delegates to become thoroughly proficient in all the vital sales skills areas, and in delivering consistent management of each of the key construction sector customer accounts for which they are responsible.

Here at Pareto, we are extremely passionate about enhancing the professionalism of your sales team, increasing their knowledge of the construction industry sales process, both now and for the future in order to help your team increase their call to conversion success ratios. This helps to safeguard the current and future revenue sources of your business and maximise the ROI from your budget for training and development.

With the support of bespoke Pareto training, Medela went on to see a 32% sales growth within its healthcare division.

Deborah Berry National Sales Manager, Medla UK
Deborah Berry - National Sales Manager, Medla UK

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